UberÉLECTRIQUE Launches in Montreal

Screenshot of an UberÉLECTRIQUE ride in Montreal (CNW Group/Uber Canada Inc.)

MONTRÉAL, June 19, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – Uber Canada is pleased to announce today the launch of the UberÉLECTRIQUE program in Montreal in partnership with the l’Association des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVEQ) and Electric Mobility Canada (EMC). This is a first step for Uber Canada towards supporting more electric mobility in ridesharing. Working with close to 100 driver-partners who currently operate an electric vehicle (EV) on the Uber platform and leveraging the expertise of AVEQ and EMC, Uber will actively assess the opportunities and challenges of electrification in ridesharing. Uber will also promote awareness to hundreds of thousands of Montreal riders and drivers on the benefits of clean mobility solutions.

Summary of UberÉLECTRIQUE
Through this new initiative, we aim to empower driver-partners to be champions for a shared, electric future. Uber will be deploying EV educational materials to a large part of the Montreal population who use the service. When requesting an Uber, riders will now receive an in-app notification when they have been paired with an EV. Once in the car, an AVEQ fact sheet will be offered to riders so they can learn more about the benefits of electric mobility. And, after each EV trip, riders will receive an email containing additional educational info on EVs.

During  visits to the Uber partner centre, drivers-partners will also receive an AVEQ booklet, on the economic, technical and environmental benefits of EVs, encouraging them to consider an EV when making their next car purchase. An AVEQ Gold Membership will be offered free-of-charge to UberÉLECTRIQUE’s first 100 drivers-partners.

In addition, Uber is making a series of in-app product improvements specifically for EV driver-partners. Starting now, the threshold for EV partners to be notified about a long-distance trip request will be reduced, helping them to better balance extended trips with car battery life.

“We are proud that Montréal has been chosen for the launch of the UberÉLECTRIQUE program and we look forward to contributing to the electrification of transportation in Quebec with the support of experts from the Association des véhicules électriques du Québec and Electric Mobility Canada,”stated, Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, spokesperson for Uber Canada. “Uber and other international experts in sustainable mobility believe that the future of urban mobility needs to be shared, electric and autonomous; today’s announcement is another step towards this goal, which will reduce congestion and pollution, while offering a reliable alternative to driving your personal vehicle . “

Round tables: Feedback from EV drivers-partners
Round tables will be organized for UberÉLECTRIQUE’s drivers-partners to share their feedback. The aim of these sessions will be to understand the current challenges EV ridesharing partners face and to adapt Uber’s technologies accordingly.

Information sharing with EV Partners
Thanks to memoranda of understanding signed with EMC and AVEQ, Uber intends to share data on UberÉLECTRIQUE statistics with our EV partners. The goal of this undertaking is to help share finding and jointly support policies that favour electrification in ridesharing and encourage more and more Quebecers to adopt EVs.

A common cause
In order to carry out this project, Uber worked closely with the AVEQ and EMC to share local insights on ridesharing, such as the busiest travel areas. Considering this information, offers guidance on smart locations for new EV charging infrastructure.

“L’Association des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVEQ) is pleased to see a player like Uber turn to the electrification of transport, which will allow even more Montrealers to be aware of the economic and environmental benefits of electric cars,” said Simon-Pierre Rioux, President of AVEQ.

“Electric Mobility Canada is eager to begin working with Uber to promote electrification with drivers-partners and ridesharing riders,” stated Catherine Kargas, Chair of EMC. “The awareness and education Uber will be offering to its drivers-partners and riders will have a significant impact in making Quebec a model for sustainable transportation.”

“I have had an electric car since 2015 which has offered me significant energy-related cost savings when I visit my clients as an orthotist or when driving on Uber. I usually offer ridesharing services between two orthotic appointments, providing a shared and electric transportation alternative for those looking to get around town,” said Sylvie Boileau, an Uber driver-partner in Montreal

” As the first Canadian insurance company to offer extensive coverage exclusively designed for Uber, we are especially happy to welcome the launch of UberÉLECTRIQUE . Intact Insurance already grants discounts to its customers in Quebec who own electric vehicles as a way to encourage them to make environmentally responsible choices, ” said Marie-Lucie Paradis, Vice President, Strategic Distribution and Communications, Intact Insurance

About Uber Canada
Co-founded by Canadian entrepreneur Garrett Camp in 2009, Uber is evolving the way the world moves. Present in over 40 communities in Canada, Uber has revolutionized transportation and offers approximately 50,000 Canadian driver-partners a new way to earn income in their spare time by offering an affordable transportation alternative to millions of riders across the country.

About l’Association des véhicules électriques du Québec
AVÉQ has been a key supporter of transport electrification in Quebec since 2013. With its main partners, Nissan Canada and Intact Assurance, AVÉQ has contributed to an impressive number of events promoting electromobility, such as Branchez-vous and Rendez-vous Branchés, alongside their active member base of 8,300 and 1,900 volunteers across the province.

About Electric Mobility Canada
Founded in 2005, Electric Mobility Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of electric mobility, as an easily accessible and important solution to Canada’s emerging energy and environmental challenges.

SOURCEUber Canada Inc.


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