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A conversation with Tubby K9 Tasty Treats' dynamic duo, Vinay Chundi and Chelsea Szerepi. This charming company from Welland Niagara, Ontario, has carved out a position for itself in the pet treat market. Taking a closer look at their journey, learning about the beginnings of Tubby K9, the distinctive qualities of their products, and their remarkable global reach.

Chelsea Szerepi and Vinay Chundi

What history and sources of inspiration led to the founding of the company?

Vinay: Two years ago, Chelsea Szerepi and I established Tubby K9 Tasty Treats, crafting dog treats with limited ingredients. Our motivation stemmed from the realization that many dog treats contain excessive preservatives and chemicals. Recognizing the consensus that dogs should avoid gluten and instead consume a diet rich in meat and nutrients, we embarked on creating treats that align with these principles.

The inspiration for starting this venture came from my own puppy, who fell ill due to commercial nutri-treats. Concerned for his well-being, I took matters into my own hands and began producing treats using natural, wholesome ingredients.

As I noticed the positive impact on my pet’s health, it became apparent that there was a need for trustworthy, nutritious treats in the market. This realization led to the inception of our business, dedicated to providing pets with wholesome and reliable treats. To dedicate the association with the company due to their pet Bruno, its him on the packaging of each product!

What are the company’s fundamental principles and philosophies?

Vinay: At Tubby K9 Tasty Treats, our fundamental principle is to offer products in the market that we would feel comfortable feeding to our own dogs. Bruno and Boris (our pets), who serve as our Quality Control Managers and Senior Flavor Testers, ensure the highest standards. We are committed to ethical sourcing, from the manufacturing stage to the product’s entry into the market. Consequently, Tubby K9 Tasty Treats places significant emphasis on maintaining ethics and transparency throughout the entire process.

How was the process of researching and developing new products conducted? Which considerations were considered?

Vinay: My background in biotechnology has proven advantageous during the research and development phase. Extensive years were dedicated to delving into the intricacies of microorganisms and proteins. Thorough market research was conducted to ascertain the existing products in the market. For instance, in response to the sensitivities observed in many dogs, we recently introduced new products like salmon treats.

To collect feedback on our products, we actively engage with customers and pet owners during quantifiable sampling days and events. The insights and opinions of our customers are highly valued. Lastly, we maintain a close collaboration with our local manufacturers based in Ontario to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process.

Bruno and Boris

How do you maintain your products’ relevance and competitiveness in the market?

Vinay: Our product line is distinctive, therefore I’m sure it sticks out. It’s hard to find dog treats flavored with smelt or salmon, and it’s uncommon to find treats with only one ingredient. Our product’s success in this digital age is greatly attributed to our extensive retail presence across Canada, presence around the globe, being available in Hong-Kong, Macau and many more countries to come and, online presence. We also stress how crucial it is to network at different events and create relationships with a wider audience to have a significant influence.

What goals do you have for the company going forward?

Vinay: The humanization of pets, especially among the millennial and Gen Z populations, has caused a shift in patterns within the pet sector. We can’t wait to welcome this new normal with creative protein options and functional treats that improve pet health in many ways, including joint health.

Linkedln- https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinay-c-5411906b/

Website- https://tubbyk9tastytreats.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/tubbyk9tastytreats/

Email- info@tubbyk9tastytreats.com

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