Touki: The new kid of Ontario

Huu Nghia Tran(George) spoke to Daniel Macdonald, founder of Canadian-born skateboard brand Touki. 


What is Touki?

Touki is a skateboard and accessories brand, and our loyal customer base included many skaters from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and across the world in Arizona, United States, and Kiev, Ukraine. 

How did you start Touki? 

As a group of skater friends, we realized a gap in the skateboard market: customized skateboard products. It started in 2017, and during our initial days, we were just a streetwear brand. However, slowly we transitioned our interest towards becoming a skate brand. We have released multiple designs for clothing and board design ever since, focusing on bringing unique and exciting products to customers.

Kindly list some of your brand achievements?

Our collaborations with famous artists like Jakov Burov( and Kazland (

These collaborations have brought forth unique products that capture the true essence of Touki. One of our most outstanding achievements was having our decks stocked in Mortal Skateshop based in Arizona, USA, and Candy Boards in Kiev, Ukraine. This collaboration with international retailers shows the potential for growth that Touki possesses. 

What is Touki’s Vision?

Our central vision is to infiltrate the market and change the way people view skateboarding, and we hope to introduce new people to our community.  

Photo Courtesy: Noah Hunt – Insta:

Some issues faced by the industry?

Currently, we are witnessing a slow decline in skateboarding. As technology advances, more and more children stay indoors and play video games than go out and make friends at skate parks. 

We want to emphasize that being outdoors is still cool, and being alive in real life outside your phone screen will teach you more about the social experience called life. The rush of going down the hill with zero control, falling more than 100 times to balance yourself on the edges of a staircase, and the feeling of the first time turning without falling are real experiences in life. 

Touki will target a very niche demographic with marketing initiatives such as social media advertisements and celebrity endorsement so that more and more people get associated with such a sport. 

What has been the feedback from your clients?

Most of our clients are pleased with our product and its quality with more than 90% positive reviews. Our retailer Candy Board from Kiev even goes as far as filming a short video showcasing the quality and design for our products. The video can be found at (

Photo Courtesy: Noah Hunt – Insta:

How is Touki giving back to society?

We hope to impact our society by raising money for different causes from time to time. Recently we have raised money for Bee conservation which hit close to our mission of being an environmentally friendly company that acknowledges their social responsibility. Soon, we hope to raise funds for other charitable causes such as supporting our Nations veterans, who have stood tall to protect the freedom we enjoy daily. We see the importance of keeping our land true north, strong and free.

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George Tran


This story is authored by Huu Nghia Tran,(George Tran) Content Writer, Onside Media, St.Catharines, Canada.  If you have stories to share kindly email: –




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