The Peloton App is available on Roku in Canada


Toronto: July 2, 2020: TheĀ Peloton AppĀ is available on Roku in Canada, making Pelotonā€™s fitness content more accessible to even more people. Now, Members will be able to view Pelotonā€™s best-in-class, on-demand studio-style workouts on the biggest screen in the home, with Roku, enabling them to better experience Pelotonā€™s floor-based disciplines like strength, yoga, HIIT, dance cardio, meditation and stretching, in addition to its breakthrough cycling and running workouts.

In May 2020, Roku reported 40 million users worldwide, and the hours of content streamed on the platform increased to 13.2 billion. The launch of the Peloton App on Roku marks Pelotonā€™s fourth streaming TV launch, allowing Roku users in Canada to access Pelotonā€™s fitness content, available for a 30-day free trial, making the interactive workouts more widely accessible. 

By offering the Peloton App on all of the major streaming TV platforms, Peloton continues to build more opportunities for new and existing Members to join its community of more than 2.6 million, helping the company maintain its lead in the connected fitness space. 

SOURCEPeloton Canada