The Big Leaf: Experts in finding reasons as to why businesses fail


Big Leaf is a start-up management and strategy consultant. Currently, the company is consultant to eight different organizations. The Onside Media met with Rahi Tajzadeh, CEO, The Big Leaf to discuss about the start-up ecosystem in the Niagara Region.

What kind of companies are you dealing with currently?

We work with diverse organizations. Currently, we are consultant to companies in Beverages, Alcohol, Fashion, Staffing, Consumers goods- more specifically Men’s Health, & Emerging Technology segments.

What are the key areas that you focus on?

Beginning with the industry research, we make business plans for companies that lead to a search for investment opportunities. We help in creating greater value for our clients. Our aim is to minimize the risk for investors and maximize their profits.

How old is Big Leaf?

We are a decade old organization. We have become experts in finding reasons as to why businesses fail. We warn companies about all the dangers they will face on their journey to the top. At present, we are looking at 100 companies we would like to work with.

What are the plans forward?

We are striving to create a start-up fund, where we would be investing in companies with great growth potential.


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