Taory Studio Brings a Modern Colombian Flair to Etsy: A Bold and Modern Piece Could be Yours! 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people perceive, interact with, and support small businesses on and offline. Since independently-owned businesses have suffered the most during the numerous lockdowns, consumers have come to appreciate the talent, style, and practices of local entrepreneurs, artisans, and designers. This is the reason Daniela Giraldo took advantage of the consumer landscape and opened her first Etsy shop.

“The online platform makes it very easy and accessible for people from all backgrounds to open their own store. Before, people needed to open an actual store to own their own business, which requires a lot of investment. Now that there’s Etsy and Amazon, people are able to start their own business”. A relaxing pastime during the pandemic led to Taory Studio, the home of Daniella’s bold, bohemian polymer earrings and natural gemstone necklaces.

Taory Studio

As a Colombian woman living in Toronto, Daniella has a wide variety of influences for her jewelry line. She initially got her start in crafting bracelets and necklaces during a trip back to Columbia. “My mom has always been super crafty. When I spent a year back home with my parents two years ago, she taught me a lot about hand-made bracelets and necklaces, especially macramé style”.

After living in Toronto for many years, Daniella was reminded of the Colombian approach to fashion and the unique way they incorporate accessories. “People were wearing these gorgeous, colourful and unique pieces to go to work and school. Because I hadn’t been there in so long, that was something that caught my attention. With beautiful, modern earrings, you don’t have to try so hard on your outfit”.

Taory Studio Products

The Colombian culture shaped Taory’s use of bold colours, natural gemstone, and funky shapes in their pieces. Daniella married the foundational influence of her native country with ideas she found through social media apps such as pinterest and TikTok. 

Taory Studio’s brand aesthetic is classy and simple, making it the perfect canvas for the unique designs of the jewelry. When creating the logo, Daniella was careful not to make it overpowering or loud. She admits, “I didn’t want a logo that was too busy, I definitely wanted the look to be more simple. At the same time, the packaging supplies reflect the crafty, small studio vibe”. Since the logo is the first element the customer notices, Daniella took shipping supplies and packaging materials into consideration as she was trying different shapes for her brand.

Taory Studio Products

“I specifically made a more simple logo so that it could fit on the sachets I designed for the jewelry. I researched shipping materials and branding supplies before I finalized my name and logo. I wanted to make sure that whatever I created was going to look good on the packaging”. The result is rustic and monochromatic. A leaf that curves into a circle, encompassing the T and S initials.

“I wanted to give it a very vocal vibe, but again, it was a mix of inspiration from different brands. While also expressing my own personality and what I look for in a brand. It needed to be very aesthetically pleasing to the eye”. 

As a small business, Taory Studio is becoming more than just a jewelry shop. It is a vessel for Daniella to express herself and connect with like-minded people. She explains, “when people buy from us, it is not only a transaction, it’s more than that. I like to take the time to get to know the person who is buying from me”.

Daniella is giving the same integrity back to small businesses in Toronto and Colombia, as well as to her customers. “Our generation really appreciates small businesses, hand-made things, and uniqueness in products. There is so much potential for people to create their own businesses, now more than ever!”

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For more information, visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/taorystudio/ 

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