Take a deep breath & reevaluate: Jennifer Love, President, Duet PR


Jennifer Love, President, Duet Public Relations, Toronto talks about business impact due to COVID19

How has COVID19 affected your business?

Well, especially for the season coming up, we had a lot of events that we were looking forward to working on – charity events, food events, wine events, and unfortunately, they’ve all been cancelled. We’ve seen many of our clients continue to thrive, but unfortunately, a lot have had to postpone operations for the foreseeable future. We’ve had a transition in clients already. 

How are your teams working and communicating during such times?

We’re communicating through Google Sheets and Docs, text messages, email and good old fashioned phone calls, the same ways we always have. The only thing really missed are the built-in coffee break brainstorming sessions that naturally happen in the office.

Systems and processes have seen new changes. Do you feel the new way of working will change the way we worked in offices?

For us, many of the systems we already had in place have carried us through to WFH life and will remain the same. I think we won’t take for granted our quick morning check-ins, lively discussions of news that pops up during the day or debriefing at bubbly Fridays though! I don’t think this will change the way we work in the office – we look forward to our face-to-face client meetings returning back to normal when we’re back too! 

How are you helping your local community during such times?

We’re pitching in with what we know best – PR! We’ve been helping to spread the word about some of the fantastic neighbourhood initiatives that our clients and members of our community have started. We’ve taken on projects like TasteToronto’s 30 Spots in 30 Days Fundraiser pro bono.

This is a once in a lifetime event for all of us, do share your reason for optimism?

As scary and sad as this is, there is some beauty in the forced slowness. Encouraging everyone to take a deep breath and reevaluate what’s important, what’s working and what isn’t – in life and in business. A concept I learned recently from Dr Greg Wells is “slow down to speed up”, and now is the perfect opportunity to put this into practice. Essentially taking time to rest and recharge so we’re more productive and focused on what matters. Also, maybe we’ll emerge with a few new talents? I know I’ve taken time to rediscover my creative side.

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