Staying blessed in hard times: Emreen Saim, Cofounder, Blessed Events


Since the pandemic has started, people have unfortunately avoided going to events as much as possible. This means that birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations have had to be drastically scaled-down or not even have at all. With that being the case, we talked to Emreen Saim, the cofounder of Blessed Events, to discuss how the business has fared during the pandemic.

Harnoor Baath and Emreen Saim – Founders of Blessed Events

What inspired you to start the business?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I always wanted to start my own business. I made this business alongside my best friend. We’ve both always had this creative passion but we didn’t know the outlet for it but we did want to work together. I think we have that partnership that allows us to work together really well. So, at first, we just did small events for our friends, birthday parties, and stuff like that last year. We felt like we had the passion for events and hosting that made it the perfect match for us. So, we officially started blessed events in January 2021.

What’s it like working with your best friend as many people say that’s not a good idea?

I thought so too, and that was something that I always told her that we shouldn’t do business together because I know that there can be many conflicts and I don’t want to lose a friend. But we gave it a shot, and it’s so amazing because whenever we’re working, it feels like we’re just hanging out together. Both of us are always on the same page, and we have a really similar taste with stuff, making it easier. Whenever I say something, she finishes the idea. So, I think for us it works well. We are cautious when we discuss things because we don’t want to lose our bond.

Your views on starting a business in a pandemic?

I expected it to be more complicated because people always said that starting a business is like a massive process and people fear doing their own thing. But I think because of social media, it’s become easier because these days, every small business starts on social media. It’s super easy to have a page and start posting stuff to make the marketing easier. So, I’d say that it’s easier than before because now you don’t have to reach out to people directly and tell each one what you do. We researched other businesses and opened our page, and just started posting pictures. Financially it’s hard because it’s a pandemic, and money is tight for everyone. So, we are taking it as it goes whenever we get events.

What do you think separates you from other event organizers?

Of course, there are a lot of people and businesses doing similar things. I think what separates us is definitely our creativity and how uniquely we do the décor. Even in our personal lives, we have our blogs, and our unique presentation helps us stand out amongst everyone else. Since it’s a new company, we also offer very affordable packages and prizes to people. We are already doing a great job because we just started, but we are already getting the decors done nicely, and we are already standing out.

What are your future goals as a business?

Our future goals are enormous because this market keeps growing. You start at small birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and baby showers, but then you succeed, and there is so much scope. We also don’t want to stick to Toronto. We want to go to different destinations. We also want to get more significant events in the future like weddings and more corporate events because we feel like we are ready for that.

Right now, we understand that it’s a pandemic, so we are doing whatever we can with our resources, but in the future, we want to do more significant events. With my business partner and I both being from India, we know about the culture and the creativity, so we want to do more Indian and Pakistani weddings for sure.

As the province of Ontario is set to fully reopen and get back to some form of normalcy over the summer season, that means more and more people will be able to hold events. Considering that people will want to get back to hosting and attending events as soon as humanly possible,

Hopefully, Blessed Events will take advantage of people’s pent-up need to celebrate and get together. Let’s hope that Blessed Events can give all their clients and their guests a blessed time.

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