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Located just off King St. West in Oshawa Ontario is a warm and welcoming massage clinic. Fun loving owner Dawn is a bright, sweet lady, very understanding and brings a sense of humor to the table, she is always willing to learn new things.

She studied Esthetics & Spa Management at Humber College; she has also completed education at the Oncology Training International Inc. Dawn’s warm personality makes the process easy and comfortable for those that come to her for help.

Currently expanding her skills and services, Dawn is working hard with the provincial reopening and excited to embrace customers back into her loving space. This is where you want your starting point in your healing journey to be.

Dawn Walker at Starting Point Massage

When and what inspired you to open Starting Point Massage & Esthetics?

As corny as it may sound, my family inspired me to open Starting Point Massage & Esthetics. I wanted to be a positive role model in my son’s life who was finding his way in life himself. I wanted to show him that you can do anything if you have the passion, drive, and support to do it.

What’s your favourite part of your job and/or what do you specialize in?

My favourite part of what I do has to be the people. I have met and continue to meet so many inspiring souls doing what I do. I just love listening to their stories and learning about them it drives me to work harder to help make the someone’s world a little bit better if only for an hour.

As for what I specialize in, I would have to say compassion. I am very compassionate towards people and always lend them a listening ear which is something I feel helps me to stand out. I always make the time.

Does your company offer special packages / new client packages?

Yes. All new client’s get 10% off their service. If a client becomes a regular (so they visit every 4-6 weeks for a treatment) then they get put on my VIP list which gives them a bit of a discount as well. I am always offering packages with all my services. Buy 4 of the same service and get 1 on me.

My most popular (and newest service) package I offer is hair regeneration and corrective skincare, which includes their home care products and a $100 treatment voucher, as well as the free treatment.

Is there a defining feature that makes your company special and stand out from other companies based on massage?

Since I am a solo practitioner, I have the ability to offer my clients 100% of my time and attention. I am very accepting and caring for every person that comes to see me. I respect peoples physical, mental and spiritual boundaries. My energy is also extremely sweet and calming which lends to a very relaxing, grounding, and helpful treatment for the client.

Where do you see your company heading in five years / what would you like to see added to your business?

The sky is the limit in 5 years. I see my business still grounded as it is today, but at the same time expanding my services and bringing on contractors in various areas of the healing industry.

How has your company adapted to the new normal the past couple of years and what do you look forward to getting back to doing?

It has defiantly been tough for a lot of businesses in all aspects of the Personal Care Services Settings. We have adapted quite well to the new rules set out by the province and the health department.

When we first had a complete lock down, we needed to shift our focus from hands on treatments to retail/home care and teaching people that they can do home care. We would offer curb side pickup as well as local contactless home delivery at no charge.

Most of all, I look forward to welcoming people back into the space again, as I once did. I was a hub for people to come and just chat for a few minutes while they waited for their bus, a very welcoming and warm atmosphere. I met many of my current client’s that way, and I can hardly wait to welcome them back into that business model once again.


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