Spark Niagara goal is to accelerate companies



Tell us how Spark Niagara helps start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Spark’s goal is to accelerate companies and founders, so they can grow and have a learning hub to network with like-minded individuals in emerging technology sectors. These sectors include Artificial Intelligence, Drones, and Virtual Reality.

Spark Niagara also works to expand on resources of Brock University/ BioLinc to offer more opportunities for students who wish to get involved with entrepreneurship and technology. Spark offers a variety of services including:

  • Affordable working space for companies, thus creating a conducive environment for innovation and collision to happen
  • Help in finding Co-founders and funding opportunities for businesses, customers, service providers
  • Mentorship with industry experts such as technology leaders, investors and entrepreneurs who have sold companies
  • Free “Lunch & Learn” events to our start-ups and the community, with highly credible instructors discussing topics such as: How to use Social Media effectively for your business, Introduction to SR&ED Credits, Co-op opportunities for Small Businesses and The Opportunities & Challenges of doing Business in Africa.
  • Introduction to available funding programs for entrepreneurs based on the qualifications of their businesses viz. industry and stage of business.

Discuss few problems faced by startups that Spark helps to reduce?

Spark helps graduate and other students accelerate their idea with additional resources over and above what BioLinc offers. This includes larger workspaces, additional networking and education events, and the opportunity to utilize high-end technological equipment such as a virtual reality lab, 3D printer, numerous computers and more.

Can we talk about financial help?

Spark helps introduce companies to funding opportunities that are specific to their needs such as:

  • Futurpreneur Canada: A loan up to $15,000 at a low interest rate for founders 18-30
  • Starter Company Plus: From the City of Niagara Falls/City of St. Catharines, a grant for up to $5,000
  • Ontario Centre of Excellence Commercialization Programs: Various amounts of funding depending on projects
  • Venture Niagara: A company which advances larger amount loans to start-ups
  • Angel Investors & Venture Capital Firms: For firms looking to raise capital.

Few of the Companies that SPARK is associated with: –


A Brock University & BioLinc company, where augmented reality meets education, media and marketing. Currently, many students have difficulties when it comes to understanding key information across various topics in their curriculum. Our Augmented Reality interactive games and books help children understand concepts, retain information quicker, and improve overall interaction and fun with educational topics.

Bisep Inc.

BISEP Inc. is a company, formed in association with Biolinc, that creates new technologies and devices to enhance performance in sports, exercise, and rehabilitation. It was discovered that training in facilities for individuals learning to walk again was conducted in a relatively unsafe and inefficient manner. As a result, Dan Bordenave, Founder and Kinesiologist, designed an accessory prototype that bridges wheelchairs to walkers, making the transition to walking safer and more efficient.


A later stage company that provides virtual reality experiences and developing products for therapy, e-sports and exercise industries as well as the educational sector.

Public Service Request

PSR is a later stage company that is a platform to make it easier for the community to find the appropriate service personnel for their immediate needs, keep things running effectively for the city, keep employees job requests better organized and give citizens an easier and a less time- consuming experience.

To get in touch with Spark Niagara kindly
Address: 4551 Zimmerman Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3M5
P: (289) 650-1770
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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