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Shake up your snack routine on the go with the delicious new Sher Squares, the newest squares from Sher Produce. Crafted with fresh fruits and vegetables, Sher Squares are nutrient-dense, delicious, and will keep you feeling full for hours!

Sher Produce Founders: Sherri Belton and Tim Sinclair

Founded by husband-and-wife duo, Sherri and Tim, in 2012, Sher Produce Technologies was inspired by the curiosity to create a more nutritious product without sacrificing good taste. With 30 years of experience in the corporate food industry, Tim has seen the flux and flow of food trends that dominate people’s eating habits for a short period. Meanwhile, Sherri has a master’s degree in Nutritional Science and is also a nurse.

Their combined expertise, plus parenting four children, allowed Tim and Sherri to see how the Western Diet has failed North Americans time and time again. This has shaped their approach when creating the new Sher Squares. Tim explains, “About ten years ago; we began to think, ‘there must be something different and better. Can we possibly make a more nutritious product? Can it also taste good?’ We wanted to make something that has all of the macro and micronutrients you need in a day, so Sherrie began experimenting with making things on our stovetop”. 

As a nutritionist and mother, Sherri has seen first-hand how her family responds to the over-processed foods that Canadian families often consume. “I think that the food industry has gone to an extreme with adding all sorts of unnecessary fillers. One time, my son was eating cereal for breakfast, and he kept asking for another bowl. After he finished his serving, he was asking yet again for more because he was still not full”. With Sher Produce, she can help people return to a more natural, intentional way of achieving satiation. “When I was growing up, my grandparents had a garden with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and I was able to pick from it. It was a simpler approach to food, and I want to reintroduce that to people with our squares”. 

When asked about the most significant misconception people have around healthy eating, Sherri stated, “people think that good foods for you taste bad. Before COVID, when we had the opportunity to do demos in grocery stores, people were blown away by how good our products tasted and what they were made of”. Sherri and Tim are happy to explain that they use whole, natural ingredients that people already love for their delicious flavour. “When customers taste our products, they are surprised by how moist it is. We explain that we use sweet potatoes, avocadoes, blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate, apples, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables. Then, we bind it with egg whites and add whey protein, and the reality is it tastes great”. 

Healthy foods generally have a reputation for being expensive and inconvenient. Through Sher Produce, Tim and Sherri prioritized making their delicious, nutrient-dense squares accessible to everyone. They have even donated their squares to the Downtown Coalition as well as other undernourished communities. Tim and Sherri lead with this integrity when setting a price point for Sher Squares. Tim reflects, “We have a mission to feed people who are less privileged than we are. We have shown our products to marketers, and their response has been “you could easily sell this product for $6.99-$7.99”. There is something wrong with the logic “let’s make a product where only the top 1% can afford”. If it’s nutritious, why can’t it be for everyone?”


Through the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sher Produce has faced difficult challenges, as many businesses have. However, their dedication to serving people the most delicious and nutritious product has granted them recognition. Sher Produce is looking to expand into Supermarkets such as Metro later this year. Regarding healthy eating in everyday life, Sherri and Tim rely on planning their meals to keep their family on track and nourished. “For my family and me, to eat healthy, we have to plan what we’re going to eat. If you don’t plan, you may wind up ordering pizza or eating something else that is not as healthy as it should be”.

With a little bit of planning, Sher Produce has created a unique snack perfect for Canadians with busy lives. Through this line of fruit and vegetable squares, Sherri and Tim hope to open people’s minds to the possibilities of healthy ingredients. Sherri reflects, “Most times; people grab something that is not the best for them when they are in a hurry. We want to show people that healthy food that is nutrient-dense and healthy can be equally as convenient”.

For more information on the Sher Squares, including the launch of two new flavours, visit

Vanessa Butera
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