Rogers Group + Creative BC Announce $800,000 Partnership Supporting B.C.’s Motion Picture Producers


VANCOUVER, Nov. 2, 2019 /CNW/ – Creative BC and the Rogers Group of Funds are pleased to announce new support for domestic creators in British Columbia that will encourage the development of motion picture projects in the documentary series and factual series formats. The new $800,000 Rogers + Creative BC Documentary and Factual DevelopmentFund will be delivered over two years, launching in January of 2020. This Fund represents the first partnership in Canada at the provincial level between the Rogers Group of Funds and another funding entity, with each partner contributing $400,000 to the Fund.

The Fund is a cornerstone in Creative BC’s Reel Focus BC Program, which pursues and integrates all existing, new and evolving funds, partnerships and investments that focus on the development and production phases of original motion picture content creation by B.C.-based companies. Through Reel Focus BC the B.C. government is improving support for the domestic sector.

Uniquely, theRogers + Creative BC Documentary and Factual Development Fund‘s key feature is to support individual documentary and factual projects, before being greenlit by the market during early stage development only. The Fund will increase the Rogers Group of Funds investment in British Columbia and grow opportunity for B.C.-based documentary and factual projects. Importantly, the Fund will support filmmakers from equity-seeking groups in the province to increase capacity and diversify storytelling.

Furthermore, the Fund provides a unique opportunity to partner with the Knowledge Network and the National Film Board – Pacific Region on initiatives to support the documentary and factual filmmaking community.

Today’s announcement expands the Rogers Group of Funds commitment to the Canadian production community and Canadian storytelling.  The Rogers Group of Funds has a long history of supporting documentary singles and documentary limited series; factual series development is new and this marks the first agreement signed by Rogers Group of Funds to support the extended format while reinforcing B.C.’s stellar reputation for excellence in documentary and factual content.  The deal will contribute to growing B.C. companies as they deliver projects to the marketplace with multiple episodes, thus building their businesses over longer periods of time.

More information about the fund, including guidelines and detailed application criteria, will be found at by December. Sign up for Creative BC’s Spotlight on BC newsletter to be informed of all program updates.


Minister Lisa Beare, Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture:  “When we support B.C. film and TV producers we create jobs and opportunities for people in our communities. I’m proud of our provincial agency, Creative BC, for launching this ground-breaking new fund to make sure B.C. documentary and factual content creators get the help they need to bring their stories to life. This exciting partnership with Rogers Group of Funds is proof that B.C. is at the forefront of this expanding market.”

Robin Mirsky, Executive Director, Rogers Group of Funds: “Rogers Group of Funds is truly proud to establish this partnership with Creative BC and deliver new and committed support that will grow British Columbia’s documentary and factual production companies. With this focused two-year investment, we want to ensure B.C.’s diverse voices are heard and included as contributors to the ever-expanding perspectives reflected in Canada’s culture of storytelling.”

Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC:  “The Rogers + Creative BC Documentary and Factual Development Fund partnership reflects the reputation for excellence in documentary and factual content production that B.C. producers possess.  It signifies the alignment of Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC’s intentions to recognize and invest in this province’s capacity—support with which B.C. creators will seize increasing opportunity due to high demand and growing channels of delivery for these types of creative content.”

Rudy Buttignol, President & CEO, Knowledge Network Corporation: “It’s encouraging to see Rogers long-time support for documentaries extended to British Columbia-based filmmakers. This is a significant opportunity for our community of talented creators, and rewarding for audiences in B.C. and beyond who will continue to be inspired by great non-fiction storytelling.”

Shirley Vercruysse, Executive Producer, National Film Board of Canada, BC & Yukon Studio: “I’m excited about the partnership between Creative BC and the Rogers Group of Funds and its commitment to project development. Funds directed to development create opportunities for creative teams to explore ideas and concepts more fully. Having the opportunity to do this work at an early stage, with the market trigger waived for part of the program, will lead to more comprehensive, polished and creative pitches.”

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