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At the beginning of the pandemic, every business had to switch to a completely online platform. This led to businesses requiring massive overhauls to be done on their websites or getting a new site altogether. So, we decided to speak with a new web development company, Sky Web Consulting, to see how their experience has been starting and helping other businesses during the pandemic.

Sky Web Consulting Founders: Yanani Saciharan (Left) and Sarmila Senthil (Right)

How did the business get started?

We are all from an engineering background, especially me. I’ve been doing web development for five years. During the pandemic, I noticed that many small businesses were struggling with their needs in terms of having a website and other stuff like a curbside pickup. So, we could help them build their website to have an online platform to sell their products. So that was the main idea behind our business, to help other small businesses during the pandemic. So early this year, we planned out how to start this business, and we talked to our friends, so we didn’t have to hire anybody, we are all friends.

What is it like starting a business during the pandemic?

It’s difficult for sure because everyone is struggling with their finances and it’s been so bad that some people have just had to close their businesses. At the same time, many businesses realized that they needed an online platform to survive during the pandemic. So, it has both advantages and disadvantages because it was hard to reach out and get clients. After all, pretty much every business was struggling financially.

What’s it like starting a business with your friends?

“I think it’s been good we all work together well and know each other well, so we are good partners. We are invested in each other, so it’s been pretty nice working with friends,” Sarmila said. “We all also went to the same university and worked together at school in different clubs and different classes. We know we are all good at teamwork and I believe that’s what makes us work,” Yanani said.

What do you think separates you from other web development sites?

I think that we are willing to go the extra mile, and we care about our clients. I find that our clients say that the difference between us and other consulting companies or web development companies is that we care about the end product. Its more personal, and that’s what small businesses are looking for. We go the extra mile and we are invested in the final product, and I believe that is what sets us apart from the competition.

What Are Your Hopes for The Business?

In about 5 or 6 years, I see us having a long list of clients and helping them build, maintain and update their site. Our main goal is to empower those clients in web development. We don’t want to make the site and give it to our clients we take the time to train them on how to best maintain their site by themselves. That’s our goal as a company; we want to educate business owners on what to do to build and maintain their site and not just have us do it for them. Hopefully, as the years go on, we will be able to take on bigger and bigger clients.

The pandemic taught every business the importance of being online in this day and age. Even as things hopefully get back to some form of normalcy in the world, the demand for knowledge in SEO, web development, and coding is likely going to remain pretty high. It’s easy to say that many companies, both old and new, will be interested in having some help in that area.

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