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“Trend Sassy,” once just a Medical Spa, now houses a hair salon and a training center. After receiving an enormous response from clients, the business expanded and converted the training center into an accredited private career college offering diploma courses in hairstyling and laser aesthetics.

Doctor Musarrat Imran, with a medical background and diploma in dermatology, started serving her clients in Canada in September 2017 after completing her certifications in medical aesthetics. Meanwhile, her husband, Imran Hijazi, manages the back-end office of the training center. “We will be rolling out our hairstyling diploma program in summer this year.” They have a vision for their business expansion in 2021.

Actor Ali Rahman Khan with Imran HIjanzi and Musarrat Imran

What sets your salon apart from others?

As a doctor, I understand skin better than any medical aestheticians. I train my staff according to derma clinics’ ethics and practices. Secondly, each client gets a customized treatment for their skin condition. Each new client receives a consultation with me first, where I check and analyze their skin condition and internal health-related issues. For skin analysis, I used to advance technology, i.e., skin scanner, which gives a better understanding of the client’s skin problems as they can also see their skin in depth. Then I recommend treatments based on their skin condition. It can be one particular treatment or a combination of treatments depending on the skin condition. Even our facial therapies (i.e., HydraFacial MD) is customized for every client based on their skin condition.

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How is this customized consultation beneficial to these clients?

Some clients have pigmentation concerns, while some want to treat their acne. Some have scars or want healthy and brighter skin. We customize each facial treatment targeting problem areas and selection of serums etc. Although our aestheticians treat clients, all treatment is based on my recommendations. Apart from this, we use the latest technology, whether it is laser-based treatments or skincare. The most attractive point is that we have kept our prices reasonable to make it affordable for our clientele, which essentially comprises immigrants from different communities ranging from sub-continent to Middle Eastern region.

For instance, our Fotona Laser Hair Regrowth treatment (which is very popular among our clients) is offered at only $850 (6 sessions). The same treatment costs around $2000 to $3000 at derma clinics in GTA. The quality treatments at affordable prices along with consultation are very beneficial to our clients.

Trend Sassy Salon(Pre-Covid Pictures)

A client you enjoyed working with so far?

We have a range of celebrity clients from many communities, including some famous politicians and TV anchors. Last year, Ali Rehman Khan, a prominent Pakistani film star, visited us and got his HydraFacial done with us when their team was here in Toronto for a new movie premier.

I enjoy working with positive clients. They believe in my capabilities; consequently, they do get desired results. Contribution to their betterment gives me great satisfaction. For example, a young girl had her marriage date fixed six months apart. She had several skin problems like acne, scars, clogged pores, etc. But because of her positive attitude, we could give her the best looks on her wedding day. Her problems were treated, and she was felt very confident on her big day.

Do you cover bridal makeovers? What cultures do you cater to?

Yes, we do offer Bridal makeover services. Our part mainly treats and prepares their skin to look best on essential days, and then make-up is done by different make-up artists affiliated with us. The time involved and treatments depend on their skin condition. We cater to all the communities; however, most of our clientele is from South Asian and Middle Eastern origins. 

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Any specific business model or incentive plan for clients?

Our business model is simply based on the “Quality Services at affordable cost” ideology. We get new clients mostly from existing client referrals and a solid social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.

We do not believe in cheap marketing and incentivized programs. We offer special discounts on different occasions like Mother’s Day, but these offers are limited and time-bound. We believe that our slogan “quality treatments at affordable cost” is the best incentive for our clients.

What guarantee do you give to your clients regarding side effects?

Well, no one can give written guarantees about the results and side effects, and that is why each client signs a consent form to start any treatments. Generally, these facts are widely accepted, and hardly any client asks for such guarantees. However, before any treatment, we do educate our clients about the possible side effects and treatment hazards. For example, laser hair removal treatment can cause pigmentation if excessive energy is applied to darker skin types.

But then lower energy can cause slower results, so we have to maintain the right balance for each client based on their skin type and hair growth pattern. Similarly, there are downtimes with treatments like Micro-needling and laser or chemical peels, and all these possibilities are discussed with the client beforehand to manage client expectations.

Trend Sassy at 1100 Burnhamthorpe Rd W # 8, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E9

Being a skincare doctor yourself, what advice would you like to give to women?

I would emphasize that looking beautiful is an established right for women and skin is the first thing people look at to determine beauty. Clean and healthy-looking skin is a foremost requirement to be considered beautiful. So, women should take some time off for their skincare regime daily. Multiple things can help maintain healthy and clean skin by using natural ingredients at home and a healthy food intake routine. I would suggest using proven and medical-grade products (developed after thorough research and testing) or research well if you are making your skincare products at home. Drug store skincare is not advised, as I see many women spent time and money but not getting any results with these products.

Peel region salons have closed down due to pandemic. While clients are anxiously waiting to delight themselves in salons, they benefit through live consultation services to keep up with their attire presentation. However, educational training and consultation over the internet are feasible, and Trend Sassy has made it possible by giving online training and counselling sessions to their clients.

Kindly visit the following website for further details.

Website: www.trendsassy.ca

Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed

Author: Sarah Syed, Content writer, Toronto, Canada. If you have more stories to share, kindly email: – saraimransyed@hotmail.com


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