Ontario Restaurant Stimulous: Free Advertising on 1700 Digital Screens!


TORONTO, March 25, 2020 /CNW/ – With hundreds of Toronto restaurants and bars reduced to take out/ deliveries and being beaten down by COVID-19, a Toronto media company is proactively pushing for the survival of small local businesses. MaxTV Media, a Canadian provider of condo-based digital notice boards, is offering restaurants and bars across Ontario access to free advertising on their network of 1700 digital screens. In addition, 100 new screens are being donated free of charge directly to Ontario condo management companies for the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These digital notice boards will support emergency communications between condo management and residents. Furthermore, the notice boards can be remotely accessed so that condo management can safely update residents while working from home and can’t access the condo building.

Free promotion during a painful time for small business

In addition to offering condo corporations and management companies the ability to instantly enhance communication, information and give essential COVID-19 updates to their condo residents through their digital screen network, MaxTV Media is also offering restaurants and bars in Ontario, free advertising  space on the company’s digital screen network of 1700 digital screens. With these free ads, restaurants can target local residents with special offers and incentives to mitigate business losses during this difficult time.

"COVID-19 is an unexpected, worst-case scenario for Ontario businesses," said Erik Kehat, CEO of MaxTV Media. "Many restaurants may have been struggling before the crisis, but now they are being forced to layoff staff and close their doors for everything but delivery and pickup to be responsible business owners. Spending on new marketing campaigns is simply not an option for these businesses right now. We wanted to step up and help them reach local customers in a new way to keep sales coming in."

Any small business interested in the free-targeted advertising offer can connect with MaxTV Media by  emailing info@maxtvmedia.com

Any Condo Management or Board of Directors interested in a free digital notice board screen for their property can connect with MaxTV Media by emailing MaxTV Media CEO, Erik Kehat at erik@maxtvmedia.com


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