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Nesting Effect offers remote staging/decor consultations and recommendations for products, businesses & services that transform spaces and increase a home’s value. Their remote staging consultations are a cost-effective way for homeowners, investors, or REALTORSĀ® to incorporate staging into their selling/lease offering. Nicole Graham is the company’s founder, and she spoke to me about their unique services.Ā 

Nicole Graham, Founder, Nesting Effect

Ā What led you to start your own business?

With experience in the real estate industry, I often see homes that don’t have staging incorporated into their listing. Although home staging is not a new concept by any means, I noticed there’s a gap in service coverage. When REALTORSĀ® or homeowners decide against home staging ā€“ it is usually due to the cost associated with the typical in-person staging approach. That’s where I wanted to help fill the gap by providing a service that everyone should afford.

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What makes your services unique?

We can offer staging advice remotely, and by means of that, it is very cost-effective. By utilizing pictures and owner feedback of the property, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on effectively setting a specific home. We cover everything from decluttering, decor changes, aesthetic upgrades, room planning, shopping recommendations, home maintenance advice, and open house/showing preparation. To keep the staging costs to a minimum, we find ways to utilize as much of the homeowner’s core aesthetic belongings as possible.

What challenges did you face at the beginning when you were getting started?

The main challenge I faced when starting this business was introducing REALTORSĀ® to this new concept. Most REALTORSĀ® that incorporate staging into their service offering are used to a specific way of doing things, and this proved challenging to overcome at first. That said, as we honed our communications, we’ve noticed a considerable increase in market interest. As the business has grown, we’ve received many positive commentaries from homeowners, REALTORSĀ®, and investors regarding the service. Although it’s a newer service of ours, the addition of a home shopping directory has received encouraging feedback as well.

How has the company evolved since first being established?

We initially focused on our staging service, but that has grown. Next came our blog, which we continue to expand. Now we have recently launched a home shopping directory. Our online home shopping directory is an excellent way for consumers to connect with stores, products, and services easily. We take the guessing work out of finding places to shop. Over the coming weeks, we will be expanding on this service by featuring specific products and services, providing reviews, and linking customers directly to the source. We’re also working on expanding on our exclusive discounts as well.Ā 

How do you promote your business? Do you invest in marketing/digital ads/word of mouth?

I have done some online advertising, but I mainly focus on organic growth by focusing on creating valuable content and reflective of my business.

There’s much value in investing in ads as it’s a great way to increase exposure. But I enjoy organic growth, creating content, and engaging with people. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of striking a balance between the two approaches.

How was your business affected due to COVID-19? How did your business adapt?

The opportunities to meet with others and share my business in person have changed. That said, it also created an opportunity to connect with people online in more meaningful ways. I have found an incredible online community consisting of consumers and business owners who support one another.

Thankfully, the entire business model for Nesting Effect has revolved around offering online services, so we naturally adapted to Covid-19 with relative ease. I’ve made a concerted effort since the onset of Covid to help push some local businesses’ products and services.

What do you expect for your industry in 2021 and 2022?

Regardless of how it is done, the staging industry is becoming more and more relevant. There is so much value that staging provides, whether that be for a home sale or lease. Even light staging can profoundly impact the value of a home and how quickly it can sell. During Covid-19, one thing became crystal clear ā€“ homebuyers are increasingly gravitating toward homes that present well. Those are the properties that have been receiving the most attention. This correlates with what’s happening in the contractor world and a massive increase in consumers’ desire to invest in their homes.

As for our product and service directory, the online shopping world is ever-expanding. Data suggests that consumers will continue to utilize online shopping as a core method for locating products and services.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start up a similar business?

Follow your passion and be genuine. An excellent way for you to stay invested and grow is by working on something you want to invest yourself in and feel excited to be a part of every day. Starting a business of any sort is not for the faint of heart. There’s going to be some great days and some extremely heart-wrenching days along the way. Perseverance, hard work, and constant learning are critically important.

I have met so many people with different businesses and passions. Some of these businesses may even overlap with yours ā€“ but that does not mean you cannot co-exist. Work through the challenges and allow yourself the time to learn and grow steadily. Your business will continue to evolve, and others will see the value over time.

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Ian MacKenzie
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