Olivier Bédard winner at the 2019 Nissan Micra Cup season kickoff weekend


Mississauga, Ont. (May 19, 2019) – The fifth season of the Nissan Micra Cup officially started this weekend at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, which saw reigning champion Olivier Bédard securing race victories on both Saturday and Sunday.

The races, which took place during the Victoria Day Weekend SpeedFest, were filled with enthusiasm and excitement from the crowd.  Fans were also able to witness the famous Nissan LEAF NISMO RC, which was the first time in the history of motorsports presented in a Canadian or North American series that a 100 per cent electric car took to the track. Being used as the official pace car, the model is equipped with advanced battery technology and drivetrain components from the Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling electric car. The LEAF NISMO RC executed the starting lap ahead of the pack of Micra Cup drivers as they prepared to start the race.

On Saturday under sunny skies, Bédard quickly took the lead right from the start.  Qualifying in pole position for the 23rd time in his Nissan Micra Cup career, the Quebec driver’s life wasn’t made easy as drivers positions changed numerous times behind him, including the intense pressure put on by Torontonian Marco Signoretti near the end of the race. Signoretti, Kevin King, Ontarian Jake Exton, and Valérie Limoges started off their 2019 season with multiple position changes throughout the race.  Their battle behind the wheel of their nearly stock but agile Nissan Micra S cars lasted throughout the entire 30-minute race.  In the end, Signoretti, a rookie driver with karting experience that’s competing in a racing car for the first time, finished in second place right on Bédard’s heels and just ahead of King, Limoges and Exton.

Taylor Neal, Signoretti’s teammate and head of the new PayPal / Motorsports in Action team completed the top 6. Frédéric Bernier, Senior Class winner Sylvain Ouellet, Alex Habrich, and his son Michael Habrich rounded out the top 10.

Nissan Micra Cup fans and spectators were able to admire the LEAF Nismo RC in action on the track and in the paddocks on Saturday and once again on Sunday. In addition to the race and the LEAF Nismo RC, fans at the event had the opportunity to attend a drivers’ autograph session, and Micra and Z owners took part in a mid-day parade on the track. The parade brought together 70 Micra and Z owners, including authentic collectors’ models, setting a new record since its inception.

On Sunday afternoon, the Micra Cup race found Bédard leading the pack once again, with Signoretti close behind. The young Torontonian succeeded in taking the lead during the second lap but a slight driver error later allowed Bédard to reclaim the top spot and secure his second victory of the weekend. Behind him, Signoretti battled with Limoges and King, eventually solidifying another second-place finish just in front of the other two, who claimed third and fourth positions, respectively. The tight battle on the track captivated the attention of many spectators at the CTMP. 

Taylor Near completed the top 5 with a flawless race, ahead of Austin Riley, Jake Exton and Sylvain Ouellet who claimed the Senior Class title, followed by Éric Chaput and Frédéric Bernier.


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