New Yorker Liz Anthony puts spotlight on emerging fashion brands


Patricia Stachowicz spoke to Liz Anthony from Mariposa Communications, New York & discussed her entrepreneur journey.

Mariposa Communications 1
Liz Anthony,Mariposa Communications

Tell us how Mariposa started?

Mariposa Communications is a top fashion public relations and marketing agency founded by Liz Anthony located in New York City – in the heart of the fashion media world. Liz got her start in the corporate public relations department at Coach, where she oversaw regional press and events. In time, Liz segued into the fast-paced agency world, moving to a boutique firm specializing in fashion accessories. In early 2009, with her passion, talent and eye for irresistibly chic and stylish designs, Liz set out on her own. She founded her fashion PR firm, Mariposa Communications, to provide unparalleled services to a selection of designers, whether established or on the rise. We have since grown our business by providing exceptional services to a distinctive set of designers whose brands and approach we truly believe in.

How does Mariposa help start-ups, influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Mariposa Communications was founded with a desire to combine the intimate fashion marketing services of an in-house public relations firm with a wide range and exciting offerings of a fashion boutique PR agency. We work intimately with our designers to meet all their needs, primarily female-founded, ethically operated, sustainably sourced and mission driven fashion and lifestyle brands. We work closely with the world’s leading media outlets and social media influencers to help brands secure press coverage and strengthen their recognition. Our experience and deep-rooted relationships in the fashion industry allow us to offer a diverse range of public relations services and customized strategic fashion marketing plans which help increase brand’s profiles and boost their sales. We thrust emerging fashion brands into the spotlight and established brands into the top tier.

Mariposa Communications
Mariposa Communications

Discuss a few problems faced by start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs that Mariposa helps to alleviate?

Many start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin when it comes to incorporating public relations into their business models. We offer unique, strategic plans catered towards a brand’s specific needs to allow them to invest time into the right areas. We’ve also co-founded PressReady, a line of easy-to-use, affordable workbooks, templates and planning materials leveraging proven PR techniques for driving visibility and empowering start ups to secure their own media coverage in top publications.


How does Mariposa aid its clients in finding funding opportunities?

We’re always coming up with great opportunities that align with our clients’ unique missions. We set up partnerships with other brands and content creators for cross-promotional opportunities that generate buzz. The opportunities that we help create and the subsequent brand credits that are obtained are leveraged by our clients in various other elements in their business, whether it be securing a wholesale account, finding investors as well as nurturing relationships with existing customers and accounts.

Mariposa Communications
Mariposa Communications

Name a few of the companies that Mariposa is associated with and describe what they do?

We are proud to be working with an amazing handful of innovative fashion and lifestyle brands with unique collections, various backgrounds and inspiring brand missions. We are members of The Accessories Council and Female Founders Collective.

For more information on Mariposa Communication: + @Mariposacomm on Facebook and Instagram  or Call (212) 534-7939


This article is authored by Patricia Stachowicz, Lifestyle & Finance Writer in New York for The Onside Media, get in touch with Patricia Stachowicz: 




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