More than 90 Labatt brands receive Ontario Made designation


The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) in partnership with the Government of Ontario issue designation to 96 Labatt brands, from Budweiser and Labatt Blue to Palm Bay

TORONTO,¬†Oct. 29, 2020¬†/CNW/ – Labatt Breweries of¬†Canada¬†received an official ‘Ontario Made’ designation for 96 beer and ready-to-drink brands that are proudly produced at Labatt’s¬†London¬†and¬†Toronto¬†facilities, building on the company’s¬†Ontario¬†roots dating back to 1847.


The¬†Ontario Made¬†program, created by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), is supported by the government of¬†Ontario¬†and aims to promote and support locally-made products in the midst of the province’s economic recovery. A label has also been developed to help consumers easily identify, access and purchase products that are made in¬†Ontario.

“We couldn’t be more proud to receive an official designation that recognizes and celebrates the fact that 96 of our brands are produced right here in¬†Ontario, where our company was founded in 1847,” said¬†Kyle Norrington, President, Labatt Breweries of¬†Canada. “We have an incredible team on the ground in¬†Ontario, from our hometown¬†London¬†facility to our¬†Toronto¬†head office and Mill Street Brewery who take pride in making the products Canadians have grown to love.”

Some of the Labatt-owned brands to receive the Ontario Made designation include Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Goose Island, Palm Bay, Mike’s Hard,¬†Alexander Keiths, Mill Street Organic, Brickworks, Rolling Rock, Labatt 50 and Labatt Blue.

“We are delighted that Labatt Breweries of¬†Canada¬†is a member of the Ontario Made program,” said¬†Dennis Darby, President & CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. Labatt’s involvement in the program not only highlights the best that¬†Ontario¬†manufacturing has to offer, but will help deepen community connection and resiliency by encouraging consumers to support¬†Ontario¬†products and strengthen our economy together.”

Since its inception in 1847, Labatt has been a key contributor to¬†Ontario’s¬†economy and local communities. Its¬†London, Ontario¬†brewery alone produces nearly 30 per cent of all beer brewed by Labatt in¬†Canada, and the company spends more than¬†$245 million¬†on goods and services in the Province of¬†Ontario. The company also employs almost 1,200 people across its businesses and facilities across¬†Ontario¬†and 3,500¬†Canada-wide.

Throughout the pandemic, Labatt remained an essential business and played a role in combating COVID-19 by shifting production to produce 100,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, supporting local restaurants through its involvement in the POST Promise and Stella Artois’ Rally For Restaurants program, donating 135,000 non-medical facemasks to restaurants and Food Banks Canada, and delivering 223,000 cans of water to¬†Toronto¬†shelters.

“Supporting local and giving back to our communities is critical to helping¬†Ontario¬†recover,” said Norrington. “We’re proud of our Ontario Made brands and look forward to continuing to find ways to contribute to rebuilding our province and our country.”

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