Lisa Javor’s coffee brewing journey

Bean&Barrel Coffee
Bean&Barrel Coffee

Every successful entrepreneur’s morning starts with a cup of joe. In 2017 Bean & Barrel Coffee Roasters inspiration came from “learning how to appreciate the difference between a good cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee”.  Lisa Javor is the soul behind Bean & Barrel Coffee Roasters. Our initially question to her was How did Bean & Barrel Coffee Roasters use their innovation to start a coffee business?

Lisa Javor used their own interest in culinary tourism to discover different flavour profiles from the Niagara food and beverage sector. This experience allowed her to zone in on her passion for coffee business and the social culture that surrounds the drink.  Today her company sells 4 different kinds of coffee roaster that include organic Brazil, organic Guatemalan, organic Mexican and Peru Swp decaf coffee, all of them priced $16 onwards. Her true craft coffee is more than a medium to dark roast.

Lisa Javor

After the product was decided, she wanted to investigate how she could be socially responsible in the entire business. In her search process beans and barrel coffee roasters discovered Cafe Feminino a company that gives back to the women in the growing regions where the coffee beans are grown. During my conversation with Javor Lisa said “My company Bean & Barrel Coffee Roasters wishes to empower women through coffee.  We value the hard work women are doing within the coffee industry and love having the opportunity to give them a voice through the coffee they grow and harvest”. We as a company roasters passion for giving back can be a valuable model that can be used to inspire other entrepreneurs to find a way to integrate an aspect of corporate social responsibility into their business.

Bean & Barrel
Bean & Barrel

Lisa’s boyfriend has been a major support system through her journey as they sell small batch coffee roaster to Niagara local businesses and individuals.  Lisa has overcome obstacles to make it where she is today. When Lisa first entered the market she had difficulty accessing information. To combat this problem Lisa branched out to others in the industry and built her network. She goes on to add that a healthy network increases your numbers and if you find other industry representatives you can trust you can maintain your competitive advantage.

Authorities could have helped Lisa by providing access to information about home-based entrepreneurship. Lisa’s recommends using a private consultation from a health inspector. This can be a useful tool in understanding the requirements that should be included in your plan if you are starting your business from home.

Bean & Barrel
Bean & Barrel

Lisa advises other entrepreneurs to create a network of people that are reliable. You can not always take on everything by yourself. A healthy support system is necessary when you take a risk to lead to your company’s success. Reaching out to other people in your industry can be an excellent resource for educational opportunities. If you can try to find a mentor in your industry and create a mutually satisfactory relationship that can help you reach your niche target market it can be a great source of information.

The brand can be found around the Niagara-on-the-Lake region in cafes, bakeries and wineries. If you are interested in a customized package you can order wine barrel aged coffee or try Chocolate Shed’s chocolate in Stevensville, Ontario.  If you are a culinary tourist and looking to enhance your pallet you should definitely get in touch with Lisa Javor at

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