Freshen Up your listening: GreenFresh Media Launches a Podcasting Network of Innovative Minds and Voices

A conversation with Kyle Marsham


The natural health and wellness industry has influenced entrepreneur Kyle Marsham of Marsham International for his entire professional life. 

Kyle Marsham

From hosting demos and educating people in grocery stores to managing his own family business, he has advocated bringing healthy alternatives to conventional foods into the consumer’s hands. After delving into the world of podcasting with his show Time to Grow, Kyle set out to create a network that directly supported the creators and hosts. GreenFresh Media Network is a collection of eight shows that focus on business, health, and lifestyle. “I found that the larger podcast networks and agencies were very much focused on themselves first, creator second.


So, I wanted to create an agency to empower these hosts to create a business for themselves and tell their message. To bring to life their passion of experiencing life”. Kyle recognizes the importance of collaboration and investing in people and is uplifting the most innovative minds through the GreenFresh platform. 

GreenFresh Media initially started as a social media agency in 2017, specializing in natural products. Kyle’s background in marketing and knowledge of natural health shaped the brand’s evolution of a complimentary podcast.

GreenFreshMedia Logo

“Being in that CPG world at a grocery, I was always fascinated by why some brands succeeded and why others did not. That is what drove my passion for social media and the power of networking.”, Kyle admits. By utilizing social media influencers, creator marketing, retail partnerships, and now a podcast, Kyle and his team at GreenFresh created a dynamic marketing plan to raise awareness of the brands and products that are made better. 

Alexis Barber – Too Smart For This

The value of partnerships is at the heart of Kyle’s work at GreenFresh Media Network. With six million Canadians listening to podcasts weekly, Kyle and his collaborators want to deliver purposeful content to listeners.

Trinity Tondeleir – The Wellness Cafe (New show)

GreenFresh is home to eight innovative shows, including Too Smart for This (Alexis Barber, @urtoosmartforthis), Kale in my Teeth (Rivki Rabinowitz, @kaleinmyteethpodcast), The Business Casual (Stacey and Marianne Speranza, @business.casual.podcast), and Kyle’s own Time to Grow (@timetogrow_podcast). Kyle highlights the importance of collaboration when launching the podcast network when he raves, “Most valuable partnerships are the hosts that have met and onboarded into our network. They are exceptional people”. GreenFresh Media’s advertising partners have also been mutually beneficial in this endeavor. The network had the opportunity to launch with Flourish Pancakes and Two Bears Coffee. Every show will be supporting both businesses with coupon codes and affiliate marketing links. 

Sarah and Jenna – Worth the Hype

For the podcasts under GreenFresh Media, the target audience is listeners aged 18-30, most of whom are already gravitating towards podcasts about career, healthy living, and wellness. Kyle reflected on wellness as ever-changing when asked what message he hopes to spread to young adults. He adds, “What makes you happy today may not be what makes you happy tomorrow,” he admits. “People think it’s solely about exercise and diet. Its not. It includes career, mental, physical, and relationship wellness. Everything rolls up and is impacted. The small things matter “.

Stacey and Marianna – Business Casual

Listening to podcasts can easily be included in one’s daily wellness routine. Kyle’s message is to remind young people to return to basics when caring for their health and well-being through the dynamic shows. “Take time for yourself, 15 mins at the end of the day to zone out. Try to eat as healthy as you can. Exercise is so important for brain health, physical health, and taking time for yourself. Reflecting is also a key message for young adults”. Through their stories and invaluable experiences, Kyle and the hosts at GreenFresh Media provide insight that will elevate one’s mind, body, and overall quality of life. 

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