Spread Hummus, Hope and Positivity: Karalyn White, Paramount Fine Foods


Paramount Fine Foods is a Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurant chain with a consciousness for human connection. Prioritizing quality service, food, and dining experience, Paramount also emphasizes cultivating a positive and diverse community amongst its staff and customers. With the purchase of every meal, the franchise gives back to those in need.

Karalyn White, Paramount's Executive Director of Corporate Affairs
Karalyn White, Paramount’s Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

Their goal is to donate 2% of sales to established charities in Ontario. Creating positive change begins in the local communities, and Paramount places just as much importance on the small gestures that bring people together. Paramount has made donations to Make a Wish Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Cops for Cancer, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Toronto and London Food Banks, United Way, and World Central Kitchen. 

2020 was a challenging year for many people, businesses, and industries. For the start of the new year, Paramount reinvigorated their annual Resolution Solution Initiative. With many restaurants tailoring their menus to people who want are looking to lose weight, Paramount extends their Resolution Solution beyond the food their customers consume. The Resolution Solution was created to bring people together, provide warmth on a cold day, and create space for a quality time amongst families.

Paramount Restaurants
Paramount Restaurants

Onside Media spoke to Karalyn White, Paramount’s Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, to get a glimpse of the diverse and positive culture that Paramount has created. Through our conversation with Karalyn, we learned the importance of small gestures and the importance of healing together.¬†

Paramount Dare to Care
Paramount Dare to Care

How has the reception been to your efforts towards rebuilding your community? What do you hope people will gain from the “Resolution Solution” initiative?

The reception has always been positive. During the holidays, we have the initiative to donate to someone in need with every purchase of $50. We did the “Resolution Solution” last year, but it was essential this year for us to get people out of the cold.¬†

Describe the community that Paramount has created here in Canada?

Paramount has created a team that values diversity and inclusion, both in and out of the workplace. Bringing others along is the only way we will win as a Canadian society together. 


 What dish are you most excited about on this new menu?

The menu features our most diverse items. It is not new; it is geared towards what people are looking to do in the new year. Whether that is spending more time with family or eating healthier, this menu offers unique dishes such as the Meatless Shawarma and the Yalla Special, a poutine-inspired dish topped with tahini instead of gravy. My family’s favorite is the Arnabeet, a delightful fried cauliflower dish marinated in tahini and garlic sauce.¬†

Beet Root and Pecan Salad
Beet Root and Pecan Salad

Do you have any positive customer feedback stories from the last few months you would like to share?

We often have guests come in and thank us for our work. Our most positive feedback is on our t-shirts. Some of our tees say, “Spread Hummus, Not Hate!”. Our merchandise spreads positivity and encourages people to join our community.

Yalla Special
Yalla Special

How do you stay hopeful amid this pandemic? How do you continue to spread hope to your community? 

We know we can only heal if we work on healing together. Having an appreciation for the small gestures makes a huge difference. Serving a warm meal on a cold day goes an exceptionally long way. When we show gratitude for the small actions, we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a solution for everyone. At Paramount, focusing on the small gestures between staff and customers is what differentiates us. 

For more information on Paramount Fine Foods, the Resolution Solution, and the charitable work they do for their community, visit https://paramountfinefoods.com/

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