How to Cook – What you need to know before making your first meal

What you need to know before making your first meal



Knowing how to cook and make a couple of easy meals will make a drastic impact on your life financially wise. Especially in a city like Toronto where it is cheaper to order from the grocery store than it is to order takeout or pizza delivery. Whether you want to learn a useful skill, cut down the cost of eating, or just impress your significant other. Now is the time to learn how to cook. Cooking is not only less expensive than eating out, but it also allows you to create a variety of meals that will turn out to be more exciting and better than eating out from the same restaurant all the time.

Cooking can be very overwhelming and complicated for a few individuals. However, if you are one of those, the few tips listed below should help make the beginning of your journey to self-sufficiency and cooking a lot easier. Getting Groceries and ingredients is also an integral aspect of cooking. Read more on to know how to use the TTC whenever you need to go grocery shopping.


Like all other things in life, to become a good cook you are going to need a lot of practice. To be a good cook you will need to be in the kitchen much more than you have ever been. You can start with cooking all your dinner meals week in and week out. Getting into the routine would help you familiarize yourself with the kitchen while also helping you develop your pallet which is also important for cooking.

Begin and master the Basics

At the beginning of your journey to becoming a good cook, it is important to not try and overwhelm yourself. It is good early on to stick with the basics although you might get excited to try some of the dishes you see in whatever cookbook you are using. It is good to understand that it takes time to get there. By sticking with the basics and perfecting those you acquire the confidence and skills necessary to conquer the difficult dishes. You cannot make a proper risotto if you cannot boil and season rice properly.

Create your spice collection

Everyone has different ways of adding flavor to their food. As you make cooking a routine over time you start to develop a better pallet and you start to identify what you like. For example, if you like your food spicy and hot or not. Regardless of your taste for food, there are also a few basic seasonings that a beginner should start with before they get to the stage of customizing their spice collection some of which are

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Powdered garlic
  • Powdered onion
  • Paprika
  • Basils/Parsley

Investing in Kitchen Utensils

It does not matter what dish you are making you are going to need the right materials available in your kitchen. Some of these essential utensils examples of which are a Set of sharp Knives, these are very important for cooking. Using good-quality knives would make your preparations smooth and easy. For people who are just starting to cook a chef, pairing and bread knives are good knives to start with. Just like knives good pots and pans are just as important if not even more. It is important to invest in quality pots and pans. It is recommended to go for pots and pans that are coated with ceramic as these do not stick, rust, or peel.


Before you start to cook any meal, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and prepare all the requirements for the meal. Before you begin making any meal all the utensils you require for that meal should be laid out. All the ingredients required should be out and measured, all the ingredients that need to be sliced should be out and sliced and placed neatly and ready to use. What this helps with is that it ensures that your meal is prepared smoothly and well organized. In comparison to one going back and forth while cooking which can be more stressful to some. Good preparation also helps with tidiness in the Kitchen.

Meal Prep

Making cooking a routine helps in making one a better chef. However, one does not necessarily always have the time or motivation to cook. So it is good to create a meal prep when you do cook. To do this, you would need to cook in bulk so as to have leftovers you can have ready to go instead of ordering takeout when you do not cook.

Be Patient

Being a great cook does not happen overnight. It will take time, and a lot of mistakes and bad meals would happen. However, that is okay because it is part of the process of learning to be a good cook. It can be frustrating sometimes to spend a lot of time cooking only to realize that the food did not turn out the way you wanted it to, instead of feeling bad or thinking of all that time as wasted time it is good to instead try to always learn what worked and what didn’t, this would not only help in making you perfect the meal over time but will also help in cutting down preparation and cooking time for the next meal as you much more familiar with the kitchen and the meals and in all, you become a better chef.

Author: Abdulrasheed Yusuf




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