Hewad Kabob & Shawarma: Embark on a culinary journey with delicious Kabuli Pulao

Experience the Unique Flavours and Traditions Behind Basir's Distinctive Dish


St.Catharines, ON – Meet Basir, the enthusiastic owner of an exceptional Afghan restaurant – Hewad Kabob located in St.Catharines, Niagara region. His restaurant is renowned for offering nutritionally pure, budget-friendly, and fresh Halal cuisine. Recently, it has been making waves for its delectable take on the classic Kabuli Pulao.

Kabili Palow With Lamb Shank

What distinguishes Kabuli Pulao twist from other options and what sparked the creation of it?

A beloved Afghan dish with a long history is Kabuli Pulao. But Basir’s rendition is unique from all others. A genuinely one-of-a-kind symphony of textures and flavours is cooked with love when this recipe blends soft, buttery rice with delicate lamb shank.

The recipe is taken to a whole new level by adding Sisme oil, which gives it a distinctive scent and flavour that is nothing short of divine. Liberating a heavenly aroma.

Is this dish’s preparation coupled with any unique traditions or customs?

Kabuli Pulao is frequently prepared for special events and gatherings in Afghanistan, representing the cultures rich hospitality and celebration. Basir’s restaurant continues this tradition by painstakingly creating each plate, making sure that the food conveys not just the taste of Afghan culture but also its soul.

Hewad Kabob

What sort of beverage would you recommend with this dish to further enhance the eating experience?

Kabuli Pulao goes well along with a warm drink, like green tea, to balance out its robust flavours. Its tart flavours make a lovely contrast to the flavorful rice and salty lamb.

Do you have any feedback or client testimonials highlighting the ubiquity and appeal of this dish?

The Kabuli Pulao made by Basir has won praise from both residents and tourists. The meal is frequently praised by diners for its mouthwatering flavours, softness, and ability to take them right to the heart of Afghanistan with each bite. The success of this dish is evidence of Basir’s commitment to providing a special dining experience. People love this dish, and their love increases with each passing bite, they love this dish now more than ever.

Lamb Chop Plate

In a world where there are numerous options to grab a bite, Basir’s Afghan restaurant stands apart as an establishment where innovation and tradition coexist, giving people a taste of tempting, and reasonably priced Halal food.

This restaurant is a gastronomic destination that embodies the true spirit of Afghan culture in every bite, with Kabuli Pulao serving as the centre of gravity. Therefore, if you’re in the Niagara area and want to go on a culinary adventure, stop by Basir’s Hewad Kabab and Shawarma Restaurant and indulge in the legendary Lamb Shank Kabuli Pulao.

Visit: Hewad Kabob & Shawarma or Call: +1.289.362.3475

Ishmamah Jahan

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SOURCEHewad Kabob, St.Catharines, Niagara Region


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