Hershey launches an interactive bake shop to create customized cookies

Hershey’s Kitchens opens in Toronto’s Scotiabank Plaza PATH (CNW Group/Hershey Canada Inc.)

TORONTO, Nov. 1, 2019 /CNW/ – Starting November 4, Hershey is opening Canada’s first Hershey’s Kitchens in Toronto’s Scotiabank Plaza PATH. The interactive cookie bake shop where consumers can quickly create their own custom cookies, individualized by ingredients, will be open until December 24, 2019.

Torontonians are encouraged to visit Hershey’s Kitchens to take part in one of the most delicious experiences of the holiday season. The intent is to attract by-passers who often get caught up in their commutes to and from work and inspire them to seize everyday moments, like taking a break with a delicious treat, more often.

Hershey’s Kitchens (CNW Group/Hershey Canada Inc.)

Hershey’s Kitchens is designed to embody the sentiment of Hershey’s overarching “Life is Sweet” brand campaign, introduced to motivate consumers to keep life sweet with Hershey’s treats. By implementing an interactive experience of building individualized cookies, Hershey will bring their brand mission to life.

“Life constantly sidetracks us, but at Hershey we believe in slowing down and enjoying the little things that make life sweet,” said Jackson Hitchon, Senior Director of Marketing Hershey Canada. “That is why we are so excited to bring these drool worthy cookie creations to Toronto fans. Enjoy with family and friends or gift yourself something sweet this holiday season!”

Consumers who stop by will be invited to join in on the fun by baking and building their own personalized Hershey cookies in three easy steps: choose the dough, select three delicious mix-ins, and savour a custom cookie ready in 2 minutes.

For those facing a time crunch, the shop will also offer a variety of takeaway menu options. Visitors can grab pre-made stuffed cookies, cookie cupcakes, hot chocolate and many more seasonal specials.

For the menu, Hershey has partnered with Sweet Flour Bake Shop to curate delicious treats and sweets. Sweet Flour Bake Shop is known for producing fresh gourmet cookies, leveraging their custom cooker technology and baked goods that inspire the tastebuds, making it the perfect partner for Hershey’s.

“We are thrilled to be sharing our love for sweets with Hershey this holiday season,” said Kim Gans, CEO, Sweet Flour Bake Shop. “The Hershey’s Kitchens is an excellent way for Hershey’s to interact with the busy bypassers that walk the PATH on their commute to and from work. Together with Hershey, our mission is to help them take a moment to stop by and enjoy the everyday moments that make life sweet”. 

Hershey’s Kitchens will be open from November 4th to December 24th, excluding weekends:

  • DAILY Monday-Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Address: Scotiabank Plaza, 40 King Street West, Unit #2, in the PATH, Toronto, ON [Near Food Court]


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