FrontRunner Technologies Partners With Derooted


(TORONTO – September 25, 2019) FrontRunner Technologies, the digital-out-of-home media delivery platform and retail renaissance leader, is changing the DOOH game by adding interactive near field communication capabilities to its WindowFront Matrix with the FireFly Flare, a new connective “beacon” incorporated into their digital displays.

When a user connects their smart device—whether mobile, tablet or watch—to the display, it plays a sound or song sent to it by the FireFly Flare. Connecting is as simple as holding the device up to the display and accepting the prompts. Now, campaigns can integrate everything from the sound of waves to a beach scene, to the cheering at a sports match, adding a new dimension to how consumers engage with the content they consume while walking down the street. 

“Sound integration revamps the sphere of outdoor advertising, an industry that has been awaiting its own sonic boom,” says Nathan Elliott, CEO of FrontRunner Technologies. “Although we’ve seen slight improvements to this advertising space through the integration of movement and light, the addition of sound to our street-level platforms adds a new dynamic to the way brands will connect with consumers outside of their homes. This is the advent of true sensual content.”

Senior partner at Derooted, Simón Rojas commented, “Marketers always speak about how the public is glued to their device screens. As such, everyone has focused on creating amazing video content that people can consume on their mobile devices. As we observe people and take note of which devices are being used to consume content, one device is often overlooked: headphones. Whether listening to podcasts, music, the videos in their feed or even to communicate with someone, Bluetooth and wired headphones have become the the digital accessory to have. Understanding this allowed us a unique point of interjection for marketing. A way to get consumer attention, without the need of third-party apps or downloads, but by simply using the technology they already have in their hands. By augmenting traditional DOOH campaigns with audio, we allow consumers to further engage with the experience. They can walk away and continue the brand experience.”

FireFly Flare’s capabilities don’t stop at sound integration. The company’s FrontRunner Factory, a first-of-its-kind tech innovation hub in downtown Toronto, is constantly testing new connective options for the beacon, including device access to instant downloads, touchscreen options and point-of-sale opportunities, taking window shopping to a whole new level.

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  1. derooted has always pushed boundaries. I would be very curious to see what they do with it as audio is often overlooked within the immersive space . this will no doubt be one to lookout for.


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