TORONTO, March 17, 2020 – With rapidly-changing updates, coupled with misinformation surrounding COVID-19, FrontRunner Technologies is launching a WindowFront messaging platform designed to educate and inform Torontonians on the pandemic.

Selected for their close proximity to essential services in Toronto, FrontRunner’s newly created tool offers continuous updates on COVID-19 and outlines the impact of the virus on Canadians. Designed to look like a text message exchange with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Government of Canada (GOC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the installations share questions and answers to everything from “what are the symptoms,” to “how are Canadians affected,” to reporting up-to-date information on travel considerations, advice from government, and where to find more information.

“As both our city and our nation come together during this global pandemic, we are offering support where we can – a platform for vetted, timely information,” says Nathan Elliott, CEO and Founder of FrontRunner Technologies. “Social distancing is affecting Digital Out of Home (DOOH) as brands opt to re-schedule campaigns for later in the year. As a result, there is an opportunity to deliver emergency content to the screens that were previously booked,” he notes.

“FrontRunner has taken steps to cross-reference its street-level real estate assets with essential services in downtown Toronto. The call has gone out to our real estate partners, asking them to assist by granting us access to their empty retail spaces for the installation of the Windowfront messaging platform. The support has been pronounced,” notes Matt Stefan, Chief MarTech of FrontRunner Technologies.

The vision was brought to life over a span of 24 hours, introducing a scalable platform capable of handling continuous updates on information related to the virus’ spread. The WindowFront messaging installations are launching at 96 Spadina Avenue, 777 Bay Street and 3080 Yonge Street today, with additional locations to be added soon.

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