From their oven to our hearts- JC Patissier

Emerging as a shining presence among renowned dessert shops and bakeries, JC Patissier unfolds the captivating narrative of its proprietors, Zahra Anzza and Juan Louis Asenjo—a dynamic husband-and-wife team behind this exciting venture.


In lieu of cakes and pastries, this bakery provides a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, cookies, muffins, crepes, quiches, and much more. Furthermore, the entire production of all the food items is done from scratch at the bakery, every day. The warmth, friendliness, and hospitality the establishment offers are just as noteworthy as the cuisine’s diversity and the enthusiastic reviews it received!

Owners- Zahra Anzza and Juan Louis Asenjo

How did you start this business and the what was the concept that led to it?

Zahra Anzza: We were established in Mississauga. We had previously concentrated on catering for banquets and weddings, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, such events were halted, and it was time to move on.

We chose to relocate to Thorold. We both enjoyed baking as a hobby. In addition, we have experience working with French chefs and are both skilled pastry chefs. While I am from Morocco, he is from South America. And today we offer a wonderful worldwide pastry experience with wide range of unique desserts.  JC Patissier at Thorold, Niagara Region has been welcoming customers for two years; we began operations in 2021.

Why Thorold? How well do you like Thorold?

 Zahra Anzza: In Thorold Downtown, we are located on the most renowned and historically significant street. The place where the building is and the building itself, is an honorary building. We were looking at various places from a list and Thorold was on it.

Our immediate thought was, “Never heard of Thorold!” but when we went, the location was perfect.  Especially the street, we adored it. The community of Thorold is tightly knit. I find myself having coffee with my pals who are customers every morning. It’s a warm atmosphere with a strong feeling of community.

 Which food item in the store is your favorite?

 Zahra Anzza: We do provide a variety of menu selections, and they vary based on the season. Passionfruit cheesecake is my summertime favorite.

It’s a unique but delicious combination. Opera coffee cheesecake would be my first thought in the winter. What makes it so distinctive is the pairing of cheese and coffee.

How do you strike a balance between work and life?

Zahra Anzza: I think it’s important to “find the balance” at all times. We  need to spend a lot of time at the bakery; therefore, I think the fact that we live so near to the store is important.

We do make food from scratch and concentrate way too much on its quality. We embrace the idea of “do what you can handle” and want to evaluate our own products. It simplifies both life and work.

Is there a significance to the cafe’s rustic atmosphere and architecture?

Zahra Anzza: I think it’s important to stay connected to and aware of one’s cultural heritage. Every antique in the bakery has significance. The entire structure is centered around roots and culture. It’s an honorary structure, and interestingly, the first business to operate here was a bakery as well. It has the impression of linking history.

In five to ten years, where does JC Pastissier envisage itself?

Zahra Anzza: We think that being in control of your business is essential to its success. Regarding the specific bakery, we do have some specific ideas concerning JC Patissier, such as expanding the kitchen and turning the basement into a production area. Given the store’s popularity, we may consider franchising it in a few years. Moreover, when it comes to the community, we would always be there.

For more information kindly visit: JC Patissier | Thorold ON, 33 Front St S, Thorold, ON L2V 1W8, Canada

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Call: +1 289-396-8454

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