Feiyu Tech unveils its new stabilizer, Vimble 2 at CES 2018


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On January 9th, 2018, Feiyu Technology(Feiyutech) launches its first new product of the year, Vimble 2 for smartphone, at CES 2018.


Vimble2 for smartphone, Feiyu Tech’s New product (PRNewsfoto/Feiyu Tech)

This handheld stabilizer Vimble 2 combines the functions of selfie stick and a gimbal stabilizer. Adopting a new generation of design language, Vimble 2 is made of composite materials with an ergonomic shape, which can improve the entire holding and shooting experience. The built-in metal extension, which adds up to 5 1/2 inches, extends the range and gives you a wider range of motion for those dynamic shots. Being able to easily adjust the shooting angle and mode with the built in control panel gives you more time to focus on your shot.

With the combination of the brand new stabilization algorithm and precisely made brushless motor, Vimble 2 is capable of providing smooth image stabilization under all circumstances. The App offers new functions like object tracking, face tracking and video editing, and improves functionality of parameter settings and firmware updating. The combination of hardware and software offers great user experience of smart photography.

Vimble 2 is perfect for the world traveler or Blogger, and makes a great tool for anyone looking to take their smartphone videos to the next level.

Not only does the internal battery last hours on end, but you can also charge your smartphone at the same time using the internal USB port built into the handle.

With multiple choices of colors, Vimble 2 is made for functionality and beauty. Other new accessories from Feiyu Technology have also been released, like a foldable tripod, motorized time-lapse devices and a pod charger etc.

Being a pioneer of the handheld stabilizer industry, Feiyu Technology has already launched more than 20 popular stabilizer models for action camera, smartphones, 360 cameras, micro-cameras, and DSLR cameras. Since 2015, Feiyu Technology has been collaborating with Apple inc. in launching several innovative smartphone stabilizers that have changed the way you shoot. Their dedication to improving the experience of photography and image quality have been highly praised by the photography community worldwide.



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