Fashion with Compassion: RVNG’s the Hope Dress in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness


Every so often, the perfect dress with heart and care grace the runway in support of a noble cause. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, RVNG has created The Hope Dress, a delicate number that features soft petals and pastel pinks in RVNG’s signature wrap dress style.¬†

Having debuted at New York Fashion Week in late September, The Hope Dress is a part of RVNG’s S/S 22 collection and is available at a price point of $350. The proceeds will be donated to the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital, which offers detection, diagnosis, counseling and treatment services for women and families affected by breast cancer.¬†

Designer and Toronto native Jordan Stewart has been in the fashion industry for 17 years and considers her work to be integral to who she is as a person. After committing to the lengthy process of applying, RVNG was accepted to showcase their pieces during New York Fashion Week. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for Jordan and her designs. She reflects, “it gave me a significant global presence, where I was at the Mecca of fashion and I was allowed to be seen.¬†

It is such an honour to be a part and to be invited”. After receiving recognition in the fashion industry, Jordan felt called to create a better world and brighter future through her designs. “I wanted to use my platform because I worked hard to be here, and I thought, what is anything if we’re not working with each other towards goodness? So from that, the Hope Dress was born”.¬†

The Hope Dress is not the first meaningful piece that Jordan has designed. She has taken it upon herself numerous times throughout her career to combining charitable initiatives with beautiful dresses. For this particular project, Jordan decided to focus on breast cancer awareness because of the universality of its impact on people. 

“With respect to breast cancer, I don’t think there is one person who hasn’t been touched by it one way or another. Whether it be personal, a family member, a friend. I think it is something we are all touched by”. Through the Hope Dress, RVNG is spreading a powerful message of unity and empathy between human beings in the face of adversity. Jordan admits, “wrapping ourselves in hope and standing together. Having an image that someone cares about is impactful. I hope this encourages compassion and encourages other people to come up with innovative ways to care”.¬†

At this time of year, organizations are abundant in support of breast cancer awareness. However, Mount Sinai stood out to Jordan and RVNG for their compassion and humility when caring for patients and their families. “They have this beautiful foundation for Marvelle Koffler, and the care is just extraordinary. You feel like you are at home, and the people are so compassionate and loving”. Since compassion and care are the major themes of The Hope Dress¬†project, Jordan felt crucial to uplift Mount Sinai and give them the recognition and support they need. Jordan admits, “it is a community that needs the encouragement to go on. It helps so many women, and they are delivering the type of health care that is top grade with compassion”.¬†

When designing¬†the Hope Dress, Jordan wanted the style and color scheme to exude the same humility and connection that is vital in the face of adversity. “I felt like the pastel was such a soft pallet, and I loved it. We need softness when going through something so difficult. I love the symbolism of the life of flower-like there is a natural component to the design”. For the shape, RVNG chose their signature wrap style to offer functionality and versatility.¬†The Hope Dress¬†is a limited edition and is exclusive to supporting Mount Sinai.¬†

Jordan explains, “You feel a sense of hope, literally, for ourselves and for others. If you’re out and you have your hope dress, or you see someone in a hope dress, you know someone else is standing in solidarity”. The pieces designed by RVNG are flowy and soft as they are strikingly bold. The dresses, suits, and blouses are intricate and empower the women who wear them. “I hope that when women wear RVNG, they feel that they’re the most beautiful version of themselves and that they can let their inner beauty shine outwardly,” Jordan expresses.¬†

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Vanessa Butera
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