Everything Early Learning Launches Play-Based Learning Boxes for Canadian Families


Family-owned company delivers quality learning for preschool/kindergarten-aged children directly to families

TORONTOSept. 24, 2020 /CNW/ – Everything Early Learning, led by Early Childhood Educator and parenting expert Erin Daly, has introduced a new way of learning at home; learning boxes for Canadian parents and caregivers seeking age-appropriate educational materials based on a play-based curriculum.

Now more than ever, families are seeking ways to engage in fun, structured learning with their young children at home. Thoughtfully designed, with the whole child in mind, Everything Early Learning’s boxes include activities and materials that focus on all domains of learning – math, language, STEM, cognitive and social/emotional development, as well as bonus activities like recipes, dramatic play schemes, and mindfulness.

Each seasonal box will contain over 20 age-appropriate activities, a ‘Days of Play” calendar, and detailed “Play-by-Play” activity guides that outline how to teach, the learning materials included and the skills being attained.

“As an Early Childhood Educator, Preschool Owner, and a mother to two little girls, I am passionate about bringing a vibrant and engaging curriculum directly to families of young children,” states founder Erin Daly.” My experiences in education over the past 15 years have shown me that many parents and caregivers struggle to find fun and exciting ways to explore learning at home. Our seasonal learning boxes bring play-based learning to their doorsteps.”

Everything Early Learning’s Launch Box seasonal-themed learning box is shipping to families now, just in time to support the Fall back-to-routine transition.

SOURCEEverything Early Learning