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Mehwish Yasin owns Royal Oak Dental Clinic in Oakville. The business has picked up fast, and as it was considered essential, the physical office remained open during unprecedented times. She is an exclusive dentist for Oakville’s Hockey Arena as well. 

Mehwish Yasin

What made you buy this practice and start a business on your own?

My Passion for dentistry drove me to start my own business, a platform where I can take care of my patients the way I want to. I don’t just think about drilling or filling but also help them improve overall well-being by clinically implementing several interventions. Even during COVID, I was accessible to many patients from other dental clinics. I took their calls and also went in person to help. I did it all because of my Passion.

A typical day at work starts with the motivation to serve our patients with the best possible care and ends by providing future treatment plans.


Could you talk about the opportunity to progress further down the lane?

The purpose of a thorough, detailed oral examination and Review of Findings is to pay attention to all the details—big and small—to provide complete care to the patient and help them achieve the smile they want. Attention to detail is critical for me, and there is always room for growth. My team and I keep up with continuing education courses to serve our patients better, from understanding the latest clinical research to introducing new technology. Even if I get a chance to launch my training program, I will gladly do so as it will be a learning curve. 

Royal Oak Dental_Welcome

Any specific service you provide to your patient that you think should be practiced by every dental practice?

Keeping our core values in mind, I can enumerate several services, but I feel proud that we do cancer screenings every three years for our patients and educate them on its importance, regardless of any habits like smoking, alcohol, tobacco etc. 

We also do laser surgeries. I am a certified laser provider and help people who snore or have sleep apnea problems and provide oral appliances. However, we provide Botox only when there is some joint discomfort and muscle stiffness in patients. We also get our water lines tested by the city, and staff do regular testing to keep our patients and community safe. 

TV Installed for distraction

How would you cope where patients are often afraid or in pain?

To reduce the anxiety and keep a calm environment for anxious patients during dental treatment, we have held the environment of our office in a way that it feels like a spa, with peaceful instrumental music in the background. 

Patients also enjoy Netflix while getting a treatment done. For kids, we use an approach called Tell-show-do technique to reduce their fears and to keep them comfortable during their regular visits.

 We try to be a good listener from the very beginning, and we make them aware of all pros and cons, so they know upfront what treatment they will be going through.

Royal Oak Dental Clinic in Oakville


In general, how do you feel after your clients leave your clinic satisfied?

Since I enjoy working with all ages, our practice is also a family dental practice where we care for families. We help kids understand how they can take care of themselves from a very young age to prevent future problems and educate adults to maintain and achieve their desired smile.

Even my vision for this clinic is evident. I am a firm believer in “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” My Dental practice is my second home, where our patient and family are both being treated. The goal and vision are clear that my team and I will continue to provide quality care and serve our community through this platform. 

Royal Oak Dental Clinic in Oakville

As a female entrepreneur, moreover, a dentist, any words of wisdom for readers?

In my opinion, there is nothing a woman cannot do. We play different roles in our lives. I have personally seen many strong women around me gracefully fulfilling their duties as moms, wives, and bosses. It is doable once you are passionate about your business. So this is a gentle reminder that do not hesitate from taking small steps, from running a business and fitting in other roles of your life. Continue to reach for the stars and remember always to empower each other.

Above all, keep smiling. 

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Sarah Syed is an author of the book “”Reclaim your life-leaders in the making””. Her book is shelved in self-help corner in GTA Libraries. Getting her message across through writing and speaking is what she aims for. She also deliver speeches and is an active member of Toastmasters Club. Producing content in form of storytelling and empowering entrepreneurs is her Passion. If you have more stories to share, kindly email: – saraimransyed@hotmail.com


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