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What would be a better time than now to be inspired and find your true potential? Wellness coaching is one of the newest business ventures in the lifestyle industry. Nicole Bell is highly qualified and educated through multiple certifications as a wellness coach and a massage therapist.

Bell has started operating out of her home through online programs during the pandemic. She believes in empowering women by giving support and life coaching strategies. Bell shifts your mindset to start focusing on life goals, and the positives life gives you. She offers one on one training, group, and grief support.

Nicole Bell, Founder of Nicole Bell Wellness

When did you decide to be a wellness coach, and what inspired this career choice?

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for almost the past seven years, and I love this job. It does take a toll physically on my body. During treatments over the years, I have noticed a considerable correlation between the mind and the body. When a person can fully relax during a treatment, it is much more effective. Their muscles are more cooperative, and I can usually get better results.

To allow a lot of this tension to release from the body, the clients are talking with me and talking out their daily life stressors. I was first exposed to life coaching back in 2018 and was completely called to it. I began working with a Life Coach for my own personal reason, and that was when I truly understood how powerful this work is. I took a certification course to become a life coach to give me another avenue to help people more. 

Nicole Bell, Whitby, Ontario (Picture courtesy: Studio 117)

What type of clients do you usually take in, and what services do you offer your clients?

I work solely with women in my coaching business, women from their 20’s well into their 50’s. I work with women who are unhappy with their current life and need a change. I do this through personal development work and provide women with the tools they can use throughout their lives. I provide private 1:1 coaching and run a variety of group programs throughout the year.

I also provide grief support to those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. I have suffered a fair amount of loss in my life and wished there was a safe place I could turn to. I recently started a free private Facebook Group called Grieving Together – a private, safe, and compassionate group where people can support each other during the grieving process. Losing a loved one is extremely difficult, but you do not have to grieve alone.

Nicole Bell working from home Bowmanville, Ontario

Where do you usually operate your business?

With Massage Therapy, I operate out of a clinic in Whitby. With my coaching business, it is entirely online. My hope is for when everything settles down to go back to doing in-person workshops and retreats for women to come together in a safe place. There is something about in-person events that are so much more powerful. 

Nicole Bell working from home Bowmanville, Ontario

What is a significant challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

Significant challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur is being able to organically get my name out in the community. Social media is powerful and a great marketing tool; however anyone in the world can find you. That is where I struggled with growing my massage business. I found local networking groups, attended meetings, collaborated with local Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and Physiotherapists to grow my clientele. We have been able to refer clients to one another to benefit from the services and be a good match. 

My coaching business created a social media platform that was different than others and could set me apart in a saturated market. This took a long time to get clear with the direction I wanted to take my coaching business and the women I wanted to help. With the pandemic, I realized I could not work as a Massage Therapist for months. If I cannot provide in-person service, I cannot work. This is when I became very grateful, I became a Life Coach, and it was during the pandemic I started my coaching business. 

Nicole Bell Whitby, Ontario (Picture courtesy studio 117)

How is your business doing currently? What do you need that will help your business flourish?

With my coaching business, it is about getting my name out there to women and letting them know the services I provide and how I can help them. Many people don’t know about the coaching industry and its excellent benefits. It has helped me with my own life issues greater than I could ever imagine. It has also helped me learn how to grow my business, help with things on the back end and truly understand the life I want to lead both personally and professionally. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how much life has turned into the virtual world. I’m excited to grow this business and to be able to help women in their lives. 

Many people seek help from wellness coaches, whether they are improving from an illness or want to improve their mentality towards life. Wellness is often combining the efforts of physical and mindful training. During the pandemic, it’s a great way to seek help online through one on one coaching.

Therefore, there is a high need for wellness coaches. Although they have not been untouched by the pandemic, many entrepreneurs like Bell must resort to virtual learning. Remember, you do not have to go through life alone; seek guidance and support from someone who can relate and set you on the right path.

For more information kindly visit:

Website: https://nicolebellwellness.com/

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Kayla Stephens


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