Empowering Beauty: The FabFacesByF story


Fiona, the creative force behind this distinguished business, has been creating beauty items that go beyond makeup for over 4.5 years, providing a platform for empowerment and self-expression. With FabFacesByF, you can find a wide variety of cosmetic basics that are all carefully designed to meet the demands of all skin tones and types.

A Female owner at her cosmetics vendors booth
Fiona at Brock University’s vendor fair

Fiona has a wide range of products, but her lip glosses, eye shadows, concealers, foundations, and sunscreens stand out for being high-quality and inclusive. But what really makes Fiona’s brand unique is her unwavering commitment to serving those with melanated skin tones. Fiona noticed a clear need for real representation in a market flooded with generic options and jumped at the chance to bridge the gap by providing a wide range of hues that honour the rich tapestry of human distinctiveness.

Fiona took an unconventional route when entering the cosmetics industry. Equipped with an education background from Humber College, her original course of action was unrelated. But it was her interactions with co-workers and her personal experiences getting ready for a lot of events that really sparked her interest in makeup artistry. Surrounded by a committed manufacturing team who share her ethos of excellence and assist in marketing the products across North America and the UK, Fiona skilfully orchestrates her vision while fusing the comforts of home with the dynamism of Pickering office life.

Fiona owner of FabFacesByF

Fiona came from modest beginnings, but her abilities have not gone unappreciated. In addition to receiving major recognition for her entrepreneurial endeavours, she has been invited to exhibit her works at prestigious national gatherings such as the Toronto National Fest and the soon-to-be National Women Show in Calgary. Fiona’s dedication to being involved in her community is demonstrated by her attendance at events such as Brock University’s street fair, where she cultivates relationships and makes connections outside of the digital real.

Even while Fiona is aware of how the media can help spread her message, she is still a strong supporter of the human touch. Nothing compares to the value she places on in-person contacts with her customers at her store, where she can get to know them better and offer specialized advice and recommendations. “At the end of the day, people want their life fab,” as she so eloquently states, and her products act as catalysts for confidence and self-assurance, enabling people to proudly accept their individual beauty.

Flower decoration
The wall of Fiona, which has these multicolour flowers, depicting inclusivity and how the brand is for all skin types, and all of us are peas of the same pod.

Unexpected difficulties were brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic, but it also sparked a sharp increase in demand for FabFacesByF. Fiona saw a change in consumer tastes as individuals looked to accentuate their beauty in uncertain times, leading to a rise in demand for lip cosmetics and other necessities. Through it all, Fiona never wavers in her resolve to encourage and uplift others, demonstrating that true beauty always radiates, even in the face of hardship.

Fiona and FabFacesByF serve as rays of authenticity and diversity in a world where uniformity frequently rules supreme, encouraging us to proudly embrace our originality. One thing is becoming quite evident as Fiona travels further: her quest for beauty goes beyond appearances and is a celebration of mankind in all its beautiful shades.

For more information:

Email- fabfacesbyfionnah@gmail.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/fabfacesbyf/

A Young indian girl wearing a pink t-shirt
Kwina Patel

Author: Kwina Patel is a fourth year business communication student at Brock University pursuing BA(Hons.). She is fond of travelling and learning new things, moreover, love for language and storytelling has always been her passion. If you would like to share stories please email: kp21of@brocku.ca

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