Elements Lifestyle celebrates 10 year anniversary


Los Angeles, CA, November 2019 – It comes as no surprise that organizing travel for some of the world’s most affluent and high profile individuals comes with more than a few outlandish requests. Just how outlandish the team at Element Lifestyle could never have anticipated when hatching the idea for their luxury travel concierge service company ten years ago around a kitchen table in West Hollywood. Michael Albanese, Edgar Estrada and Joubin Bral – a highly creative and determined trio, set out to utilize their travel expertise and industry contacts (cultivated over a combined 3+ decades prior) to elevate their own offering to become the very best in the business. A decade later, the Element Lifestyle team has become the go-to travel concierge for top executives, A-Listers, and household names – each with their own unique travel preferences and dreams that they look to the Element team to fulfill.

In honor of a decade celebrating Travel Without Limits courtesy of Element Lifestyle, the team has shared an inside look at some of the most outrageous trips, excursions and events they have made a reality for their respected clientele over the past ten years.

1)       European Treasure Hunt – What could be better than whisking your friends and family away for a six week European sojourn? The Element team designed an unforgettable traveling treasure hunt for a valued client who wanted to treat his family and closest friends to an unmatched, adventurous European experience. The group spent six weeks on a wild chase of traveling puzzles, riddles and physical activities through some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  

2)       Opening the Sistine Chapel – For clients seeking the ultimate private experience in the most recognized artistic landmarks in the world, the Element team executed a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Rome that gave the small group a private tour of the iconic chapel. The excursion was made even more special when the clients, themselves, had the opportunity insert and turn the sacred skeleton key to open the centuries-old door to the Sistine Chapel.

3)       Serving Pete Sampras – The experiential services are not always all travel-related at Element. When a client requested a private tennis lesson and luncheon with tennis champion Pete Sampras, the team was happy to oblige – and delivered an “ace” experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

4)       A Backyard Music Festival – Conceptualized and produced by the team, Element was able to organize a private rock festival at a client’s mansion for their closest friends and family, featuring some of their favorite, world-renowned artists.

5)       A Magical Evening with Penn & Teller – When clients wanted exclusive access to Las Vegas’ resident legendary magicians, Element was there to deliver. Penn & Teller performed a private showing of their vast magical repertoire to a party of four – no joke.

6)       Trans-Siberian Railroad Adventure – There’s no better way to travel than by train – especially aboard a famous railcar traversing the Asian steppe and beyond. The Element team arranged a trip on one of the most remarkable trains to ever exist along the Trans-Siberian Railroad – lasting three weeks and going through seven different time zones.

7)       A Romantic Private Dinner with Mona Lisa – Everyone wants to impress his or her significant other with a romantic date. One lucky person was blessed with the absolute best when Element privatized the Louvre (yes, that Louvre) for a romantic candle-lit dinner, surrounded by priceless works of art and antiquity and watched over by Mona Lisa’s ever-present gaze.

8)       Beverly Hills 902-I-DO – All of Element Lifestyle’s work necessitates a sophisticated degree of coordination and a copious amount of planning. It’s only natural then that they would be the obvious resource to pull off a Beverly Hills wedding – complete with a surprise performance by none other than Ricky Martin. Talk about Livin’ la Vida Loca.

9)       The Fourth Tenor – Everyone sings in the shower, even if his or her voice is not quite ready for primetime. One client fulfilled a lifelong dream thanks to Element’s insider access, performing at The Dolby Theatre (home to a little show called The Academy Awards) accompanied by none other than the ever-melodious Andrea Bocelli.

10)   Miami Bachelor Party – When a best man wanted to throw his friend an unforgettable bachelor party, the Element Lifestyle team was able to make the bachelor’s dreams come true – helping to arrange a police motorcade throughout South Beach, culminating in him hosting a talk show with world-class guests – and a childhood friend – in front of a live studio audience.


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