Design detailing by Chance Irenge Mutuku



Chance Irenge Mutuku , Founder, BBBBLANC* standing next to Self Similar Sphere No.1 from Revolution Series, 2008 acryclic on Canvas by Shawn Serfas

Chance Irenge Mutuku is 4th year Kinesology student at Brock University in St.Catharines. Ontario, Canada. He was born in Congo, grew up in Uganda and is settled from past 12 years in Canada. He started a design consultation company called “BBBBLANC” which today 5 year old. The Onside met by chance with Chance Irenge and spoke about his design philosophy.



What does BBBBLANC* symbolizes?

It symbolizes forward moment, unique and at the end of the BBBBlanc* there is an asterisk*. As we live in a technological era, if we send a wrong text message we add a * to the next message, so that’s what I do theoretically, with design. I correct design thought process.

Since when are you designing?

I have always been an artist, creativity and design is just one aspect of it. And its have been 5 years since I have been designing professionally.

Who is you favorite designer?

God is my favorite designer, as his design is everywhere, its timeless. If I have to pick one person then that’s, him, it’s the packaging and the entire experience for creation. Just look at everything around, its has been designed with so much intricately.

Design work for Brock University by Chance

Right now what are you working on currently?

I am currently working on multiple projects, one of them is for Brock University-Brock athletes department, creating a 4 different pieces and created a representation of a perfect athlete. I am also working on logos of different companies, branding, creative direction and consultations on design and few self initiated projects for my own company.

Main purpose is to create innovation, where I use design as a communication tool.


How does the financial works for you?

Depending on the project and scale, a simple logo design I charge is $250, and if more ideation is required then I get into customized pricings. But at the moment I am keeping the price as affordable as possible to make sure my designs are reached far and wide.

Any project really close to your heart?

I come from a community from Waterloo, Canada. Last year I organized an art workshop for over 50 community children as these children didn’t have much to do. These children parents are working really hard and it is difficult for them to spend extra curricular activities for their kids. Therefore I can created a free one week art work shop where everyone in the community was able to participate. Over one week I could teach these children some transferrable skills which they can use for there life’s.


Dream for these children

Dream will be taking 100 children to google office and show them how the new age designs are made.

What do you require to get there?

More projects, more design work, more access to clients.


To get in touch with Chance kindly find below more details :

Company: BBBBLANC*



Insta: chancemutuku



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