Crafted by Passion: ROSIV’s Epoxy Resin and Wood Tables from a Young Artisan’s Hands

Since the beginning of time, humans have been driven to create. It's a sign of our human inventive nature, which seamlessly blends practicality and artistry. At ROSIV, Lukas is not just a furniture maker—he's a wood artist with a vision. Epoxy resin tables and massive furniture from his hands reflect his passion for turning raw wood into something truly extraordinary.


ROSIV – Massive Furniture, a designer wood shop based in Slovakia, the heart of Europe, specializes in exceptional furniture made of solid naked wood, all meticulously crafted by hand. Each piece blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design, emphasizing the smallest details, resulting in high-quality and unique furniture.

Lukas Rostecky, Founder – ROSIV – Massive Furniture

Lukas’ journey turning woodworking into ROSIV

Lukas Rostecky, founder and furniture designer of ROSIV, has been drawn to working with wood since he was a teenager when he started his first job in roof carpentry. His love for building and creating inspired him to construct his first piece of furniture at the age of 17, when he made a bed of spruce hardwood for his bedroom. A dedicated self-learner, he turned his inspiration into a successful business and, with the help of his family, opened his first workshop.

“When I realized I could create an essential piece of furniture and a really fine one, I became hungry for new inspiration to see what else I could do. I browsed the internet for inspiration and discovered the uniqueness of epoxy resin,” says Lukas, reflecting on the start of ROSIV. “At that time, there were no known manufacturers of this type of furniture in Slovakia. So I made the first pieces for my own log house, which I was just finishing up, and then I slowly started making tables with epoxy in addition to my main work.”

ROSIV – Massive Furniture

Inside the workshop of ROSIV

At ROSIV, Lukas believes wood is more than just a building material; it’s a canvas for creativity and renewal. His goal is to breathe new life into each piece of timber while treating it with the utmost attention and care using high-quality products and organic oils. By pouring his heart and soul into the wood slabs, he creates art that will undoubtedly become a centrepiece of every interior.

The ROSIV – Massive Furniture portfolio primarily consists of tables, including dining tables, work tables, and conference tables. Complementing the main offerings are massive wood bed frames and decorative wood pieces and trays crafted from solid wood and epoxy resin.

ROSIV – Massive Furniture

Each monolit is carefully selected from a range of premium woods such as oak, walnut, ash, beech, maple, and elm. Each type offers distinct qualities, ensuring the final product is both beautiful and durable. The production process for epoxy resin tables is highly dependent on the specific complexity of the product. The entire process, including crafting, hardening, and maturation of materials, takes up to three months.

ROSIV – Massive Furniture


ROSIV’s vision for expansion to Canada and worldwide

“My main goal is to establish a workshop that produces something truly unique, durable, and with a sense of soul, past, and future simultaneously. I prioritize quality over quantity, “says Lukas when asked about the vision for ROSIV. “I envision a workshop with a select group of skilled artisans who share my commitment to craftsmanship.

Lukas Rostecky, Founder – ROSIV – Massive Furniture

Furthermore, I aim to expand our presence internationally, transforming ROSIV into a global enterprise. This expansion won’t merely focus on producing and selling luxury furniture; it will encompass providing a personalized experience for our customers. We will personally deliver and assemble furniture anywhere in the world, fostering a friendly relationship with our clients throughout the entire production process. Ultimately, I aspire for ROSIV to be as exceptional as the products we create.”

ROSIV – Massive Furniture

Are you inspired by the unique epoxy resin tables and massive wooden furniture? If you want to own a one-of-a-kind piece from ROSIV’s designer wood shop, don’t hesitate to visit their website or contact Lukas directly through Instagram. They deliver from Europe to Canada!

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