Combining epoxy and crystals into unique home decor products: Johncarlo Ceolin


Ingenuity Creations is a small, home-based business located in Milton, Ontario. Owned by Johncarlo Ceolin, it specializes in handcrafted, live edge epoxy home furniture and décor. They also sell authentic crystal stones and gems which accompany their one-of-a-kind handcrafted crystal manifestation grids. The live edge that Johncarlo uses is sourced locally and all products are custom-made to meet every customer’s expectations. 

Johncarlo Ceolin, Founder-Ingenuity Creations

 What led you to start your own business? What makes it unique?

Ten years ago, I developed a passion with woodworking and creating unique live edge epoxy one-of-a-kind pieces. Working a full-time job to support my family never allowed me the time I needed to develop my passion further. Once COVID-19 hit, and we were faced with stay-at-home orders, I suddenly found myself with plenty of time to focus on my woodworking hobby and bring my passion to life.

Recently, I have incorporated my wife’s passion for crystal stones into my work, and together we have developed a unique business. The combination of using natural woods, epoxy resin, and the positive energy of crystal stones and gems, truly makes each of my one-of-a-kind creations stand out and vibrate at a higher level.

A selection of products available on the website

What challenges did you face at the beginning when you were getting started?

The biggest challenge we faced initially was sourcing out the wood, material, epoxy, and stones to work with. Since we like to support local, we had to wait until our local suppliers were given the green light to open again during the pandemic to stock up on supplies. In addition, we found that not many people were willing to spend money on high-quality one-of-a-kind pieces, especially during the pandemic when so many people were being affected financially. For this reason, we offer a variety of options with reasonable pricing.

How has the company evolved/grown since first being established?

Initially, when we started Ingenuity Creations, the focus was on custom handcrafted furniture. We found that several of our clients began to make requests for home décor pieces, such as charcuterie boards, candle holders, window shelving, crystal grids, etc. This ultimately expanded the number of products we can offer. We now carry various stock and can create pieces that meet each of our client’s specific requirements.

A fusion of woodworking and crystals of Johncarlo and Grisela Ceolin

How do you promote your business? Do you invest in marketing/digital ads/word of mouth?

Currently, our business is promoted through social media (FG, IG, and on our website) and word of mouth. We post videos of the work in process, mixing and pouring the epoxy, sanding and polishing the final products, etc. Once the items are complete, a picture of the finished product is posted as well. Seeing that this is a small business and something we do as a side hustle, we try to keep our marketing costs minimum.

How was your business affected due to COVID-19? How did your business adapt?

Our business opened during COVID, so to say business was slow is an understatement. We had to cancel all our upcoming vendor shows we committed to attending and set up shop in our home to place their orders and do curbside pickups. For the remainder of 2021 and in 2022, we are hoping to attend the vendor markets once again. This will give our business the exposure it needs to increase our sales further and get our name out there.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start up a similar business?

 If you have something you are passionate about, then go for it. Develop a business plan, set goals and specific timelines. Set your intentions and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are willing to help and support you along the way. Do not limit your creative abilities. If someone asks you to create something that may seem extremely difficult, give it a try anyway, get out of your comfort zone, and allow your clients to be your inspiration.




Ian MacKenzie
Ian MacKenzie
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SOURCEIngenuity Creations, Milton


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