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TORONTO, May 20, 2020 /CNW/ -Today – Canada’s largest parent and family community – launched Classy, a new educational e-series designed for children in the nursery to preschool age range. Globally available, Classy is the only free, on-demand program dedicated for preschool students.     

Today – Canada’s largest parent and family community – launched Classy, a free educational e-series designed for children in the nursery to preschool age range. (CNW Group/

With over 715,000 Canadian families in the network, Classy was designed to help parents looking for an effective at-home curriculum for their young children. Unlike other educational solutions, Classy can be watched as a livestream or turned on whenever a child is in an attentive, productive mood to ensure they get the most of their educational time.

“Since COVID has closed classrooms, we’ve heard from many parents that their young children are not being challenged,” said Edward Walker, co-founder of “Everyone is doing their best to pivot right now, but early education is fundamental to a child’s development. This is why we created Classy. We needed an alternative program that delivers not just educational content, but a complete curriculum in an entertaining and engaging format.” 

Classy currently has 11 educators on its platform, each of whom have helped shape the curriculum. The e-series will include nine videos a day, Monday to Friday each week. New content will be streamed daily from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST and repeated again in the afternoon. This format allows children and parents to view any, or all, of the classes they are interested in.

Classy’s curriculum currently includes: 

  • Core skills: alphabet, colours, counting, shapes, literacy 
  • Movement: yoga, dance, aerobics, stretch
  • Arts and creative: sensory play, fine motor skills, music, cooking, nature
  • Emotional literacy: storytime, playtime 

“Classy is scheduled around the predicted energy levels of children,” continued Mr. Walker. “To make this program truly successful, we have to consider the attention span of students. Each class is roughly 15 minutes long. If children aren’t watching, they aren’t being educated, and then what’s the point?” 

Classy will be available online through YouTube and Parents are asked to register their children in advance from the website to receive a copy of the weekly schedule and to provide regular feedback on the course content. 

“Our priority is to ensure that all Canadian nursery and preschool children have a full, effective and free curriculum available to them during these unprecedented times,” added Mr. Walker.

To learn more about Classy, sponsorship opportunities or teacher collaborations, please visit

With over 715,000 Canadians in its network, is the largest parent and family community in Canada. Founded in 2015, brings parents and brands together in a community where members can share, discover, win, and save. 

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