CIAS 2020: 5 Cars to take you to the future or back

CIAS 2020: Hyundai Vision T Plug-in Hybrid SUV Concept – This innovative plug-in hybrid is the cutting edge of SUV design. It expresses Hyundai’s evolving Sensuous Sportiness design language, using crisp geometric angles and strong wedge lines. The Vision T is as striking as a concept vehicle should be, while also providing a very clear indication of the brand’s next compact SUV, a vehicle that is much closer than you might think.
2021 Mustang Mach E – All Electric
BMW Vision Next- The latest concept car from the BMW Group is a sporty look at what is coming. This is BMW’s interpretation of how the BMW M may look, in the form of an eye-catching, electrified sports car. Designed to engage the driver, the Vision M NEXT demonstrates how state-of-the-art technology can create a pure and emotionally-dynamic driving experience.
CIAS 2020: Delorean DMC from Back to the Future
CIAS 2020: Land Rover Defender

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