Cavier: Student entrepreneurship and a thriving business by Sahejpreet Lamba

In today's rapidly evolving entrepreneurial landscape, the spark of creativity knows no age boundaries. Often, it's the youthful minds that dare to dream big and drive transformation.


In this captivating interview, we engage with Sahejpreet Lamba. Not only is he pursuing a BBA(Hons.) degree at Brock University, but he’s also making waves in the startup realm. Sahejpreet has embarked on his journey by establishing the luxury apparel brand, Cavier. Currently, Cavier offers a wide array of belt bags, sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts through online channels.

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Sahejpreet Lamba, Founder, Cavier Apparels

How did you establish this business?  What served as the catalyst? 

Sahej: I always kept an eye out for university fashion, here at Brock University. Sweatshirts, oversized t-shirts, and clothing with a similar aesthetic make up the majority of it. I became aware of how frequently I saw students wearing identical merchandise throughout the year.

That fascinated me and motivated me to continue my research. Additionally, I think I made the best use of all of my resources. It was economical to print the clothes since I have family who work in shipping, and a friend of mine whose profession is a digital artist helped me in the process. Speaking of how I actually began my business, I thought about it on an ordinary day and am now operating it from my residence.

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Cavier Apparels

What distinguishes your company from the competition?

Sahej: In my opinion, cavier endures to be exclusive. To be precise once sold, a product is never again created, and the prints are one-time compositions. I wanted to draw in an eclectic mix of customers while still maintaining exclusivity considering I’ve established myself as someone with expertise in semi-luxury and luxury goods at the company, which is scarce now-a-days.

In addition, as previously indicated, I manufacture in India through established contacts, access to internal web and shipping is less complicated for me than it is for other businesses in the market, whether in monetary or non-monetary terms. These types of matters, in my viewpoint, provide me with an edge over others.

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How do you cope with work-life balance as an entrepreneur/start-up?

Sahej: I personally believe that systematic distribution of work can help you manage work and studying efficiently. My mantra is “5 days, 5 things to do- decision-making, accounting, designing, marketing and budgeting.”

I believe time management helps me to function with work and studies both, in one day. Moreover, one thing at a time makes you excel in both the fields.

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Sahejpreet with his mentors from Brock University

How did Brock University play a role throughout the process?

Sahej: For this reason, Brock University plays an essential role in supporting Cavier as an organisation or me individually.  The “Brock Linc” organisation that Brock runs was a terrific starting point for the mission.  There is a program called “Navigate” that I found to be quite helpful in numerous ways.

They assisted me in developing my business philosophies and notable ideals, such as how to interact with audiences. In addition, I’d like to highlight the many possibilities they give us. For instance, I was able to make relationships with the Brock Alumni Association, which led to the obtaining of a booth in the heart of the town for one of the most well-known events in the area.

I’m extremely appreciative of how Brock Linc is involved; it allowed me to have mentors that are wonderful and gracious. Additionally, I am incredibly appreciative of Brock Linc for looking forward to and lending a helping hand in securing me an office space for work.

What kind of assistance do you need for developing your business, and what are your long-term goals?

Sahej: I do have quite a few future plans for caviar. Regarding product enhancement, I intend to introduce more items such as puffer jackets, vanity jackets, and even a line of jeans. Mentioning marketing, I have few plans like having in-app currency and free tickets like certain social events related to the brand for certain loyal customers to enhance customer’s experience.

Additionally, I would prioritise giving back to society in as many ways as I can. Considering capital to be a salient need, required at the moment, I’d love to fairly distribute funds by adding more designs and inventory, making Cavier sociable by, say, growing into other countries, and so on.

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Author’s note: Starting a business as a university student is definitely challenging but incredibly rewarding. This entrepreneurial career path provides an exceptional blend of educational material and practical knowledge, enabling students to put their learning to use in a real-world situation. The world of entrepreneurship is not simply an opportunity for university students who are prepared to take the risk; it’s a chance to create the future and make a lasting impression on the commercial landscape.

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Kwina Patel

Author: Kwina Patel is a fourth year business communication student at Brock University pursuing BA(Hons.). She is fond of travelling and learning new things, moreover, love for language and storytelling has always been her passion. If you would like to share stories please email:

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