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According to a report by the Royal Bank of Canada, Immigration in Canada has faced a big hit and will continue for a second year as border restrictions remain in place. In 2020, Canadian immigration numbers dropped by almost half to its lowest levels in more than two decades. Amidst such troubled times, Aditi Soni, Owner, and Director of Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy explains how her immigration firm is fighting COVID to help raise the country’s economy. 

Aditi Soni, Owner & Director, Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy

Tell us how you started Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy? What is it all about?

Immigration has always been my passion. I started working part-time in the immigration sector in 2007 while I was a student. Once I moved to Canada in 2011, I gained more interest in immigration law. I saw a lot of potential in this field as people worldwide wanted to make a life in Canada. So I continued to work in the immigration field as a freelancing consultant until 2019, along with my corporate job.

Gradually with professional qualification and more than a decade of experience, I decided to step outside the box, leave a comfortable corporate job and start my own immigration consultancy firm ‘Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy’ (TCIC). At TCIC, we help individuals and corporate clients with their Canadian immigration needs to achieve their immigration and business goals. Our primary objective is to gain our clients’ trust by providing quality and affordable immigration consultancy services to our clients across the globe.

Aditi and her Team in action over coffee

How does it feel to break stereotypes as a woman?

Around the world, women are often under-represented in leadership positions, and gender stereotypes prevent women from reaching their full potential. It obviously feels amazing and proud to break the stereotypes as a woman but the work doesn’t end here. I believe that women should get an equal opportunity so that they can achieve their dreams. I have always been judged being a woman by male-dominated clients and corporate clients.

It has always been a challenge to find a comfortable position to start a business talk with such clients. I always have to step outside my comfort zone to initiate a conversation and prove my skills to them by going an extra mile in my work. As an initiative, TCIC helps more women in our community challenge the norm and make their identity in the male-dominated society. At TCIC, we make sure women are given an equal opportunity alongside their male colleagues. 

Peak inside TCIC office

When businesses went on a pause owing to COVID how are you managing it in this testing time?

As a small business, it was challenging for us to work remotely and enhance digital technology in such a short span of time. Also, with the border restrictions it was challenging to manage our clients with their pending immigration needs. As the world was shaking with the pandemic, people were getting more anxious about their immigration process, and closed ones wanted to be together without any border restrictions.

TCIC team helped clients 24*7 with their immigration concerns and made sure to offer them the right direction. All throughout COVID and still today, we are continuously working with our clients in their immigration needs along with the extra health and safety precautions under the Ontario Health guidelines such as zoom appointments, in-person strictly appointment-based system, no waiting area, usage of DocuSign and other digital platform to avoid unnecessary physical contact, contactless payments, etc. 

Who are your clients typically?

We cater to various clientele across the globe, consisting of international students, workers, visitors, caregivers, refugees, entrepreneurs, economic and family immigration, and corporate clients who need temporary foreign workers for their business expansion.    

How is your business doing currently?

With our clients generosity and hard work of the TCIC team, our business is continuously growing since its inception. We made 3 new hires during the COVID times, which helped our business thrive and supported the economy in the longer run. 


How big is your team?

TCIC consists of 8 full-time employees, including me, immigration case officers, front desk officers, and business associates. As a community effort, TCIC has over 20 freelancers who work with us as part of our marketing and promotion campaigns. 

Where do you see your business post COVID when distances will no longer remain a concern again?

Once travel restrictions are lifted off, and international borders are open, we expect more business through other parts of the world. Our vision is to open three new branches in Ontario that will help us to serve more people across the province and create equal job opportunities. 

Aditi Soni in her office

What help do you think you would need to grow your business in this pandemic?

Digital media marketing plays a crucial role in today’s economy as people follow social media brands more than celebrities. At TCIC, we believe we need to grow our presence on social media platforms. We strongly believe that we need to look into ways that can help us to connect, engage and grow our business through social platforms as it is the fastest, affordable and effective way to reach the majority of the globe’s population. With the help of digital media, TCIC can increase brand awareness, educate people about immigration laws, and partner with influencers. 

Any advice/tips to the women entrepreneurs around you?

As a woman entrepreneur, I would advise other women entrepreneurs to prioritize your dreams, keep the distractions away, and not be afraid to take a leap. Always stay committed to grow, become more successful and never stop learning. Women entrepreneurs can attract the best of the best ambience around herself by providing an equal opportunity for others. Finally, always remember there will be someone who will question your work but you are the author of your own book. 

Whether you’re looking for a Canadian visa to visit your family and friends in Canada or looking for filing your permanent residency or wish to join the provincial nominee program or file for work permits, Aditi Soni’s Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy can help you in all your immigration needs. Book a free in-person consultation and get your odds answered professionally. 

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Debarati Mukherjee
Debarati Mukherjee


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  1. Only immigration consultants to whom you can trust – TRUST COSMIC IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS.
    Aditi is very hardworking, professional and passionate about work.
    I know her from years, like she helped me in every immigration step, as she has mentioned that she started working part time in this field in 2007, and i got my study visa from Aditi in 2009, and she guided me in every step like work permit, work visa, PR approval, then parents super visa, my citizenship, even my parents PR file was done through her.
    I am highly satisfied with her immigration services.


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