Bertolli®’s Winter Food Sojourn to Tuscany with Global Food Influencers


UDINE, ItalyApril 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Bertolli®, the world’s number one olive brand, with more than 150 years of history, continues to implement its strategic activities in support of the relaunch of its Brand in global markets.

In the last week of April, Bertolli will host eight influencer chefs from around the world to experience and learn about all things related to the brand, from its wide range of award winning blends, to its brand value and brand history. The influencers will be taken on a journey through history, starting with the founder’s vision and company outset in 1865 to today’s focus on quality, diversification and innovation.

Bertolli offers its customers a wide range of products and newly formulated award winning olive oil blends to suit varied tastes and preferences. Behind the company’s philosophy is the simplicity and genuineness of its products which are aimed at supporting today’s busy lifestyles, and consumer preference for highly nutritious, tasty and healthy options.

The recipe is simple is Bertolli’s new international campaign message which draws inspiration from the concept of simplicity, being in the kitchen and sharing moments with the people you love.

“Bertolli has received a global re-launch, which is set to reassert its points of uniqueness and shore up global markets,” said CEO Pierluigi Tosato, from parent company Deoleo. The campaign began in 2018 with large investments made into the brand, marketing and communication strategies, a move set to encourage a new dialogue.

“People now lead busier lives and tend to view home cooking as too complicated of a pursuit at the end of the day. That’s where Bertolli can make lives simpler – and keep the joy in cooking,” stated Mr Tosato “This global event, is the first of its kind for Bertolli, and brings global influencers to the heart of Lucca, where Francesco Bertolli gave birth to the brand.” The brand also plans to open ‘Casa Bertolli’, a unique meeting place for consumers, journalists and stakeholders to enjoy when passing through Lucca.

About Bertolli

Founded in the small Tuscan town of Lucca, Italy, the Bertolli name has been at the heart of Italian cooking and eating for 150 years with the world’s favorite olive oil (made by Deoleo). At the heart of the Bertolli brand is a commitment to quality, dedication to leveraging the natural goodness of ingredients and a tradition of providing outstanding and flavorful food.

Bertolli®’s Winter Food Sojourn to Tuscany with Global Food Influencers (PRNewsfoto/Bertolli)




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