Art and aesthetics by a sauntering soul: Roop Kaur, The Black Wave


A small dream that is hand nourished with love-bubbled and parcelled to your doorstep. The Black Wave is an Etsy Store curated with love by an artist from Quebec trying to make this world filled with more love, one product at a time.

Roop Kaur, Founder, The Black Wave

How did it all start?

I always wanted to create with my hands ever since I was a kid, but the circumstances then were not favorable for many reasons. But that was also the time that made home to a dream of opening a shop where everything is handmade, with love and emotions. And now that I have finished my studies, I am ready to get down to it.

How do you feel about creating in the pandemic? Are you able to make more art, or are you finding it challenging to develop more?

Pandemic has been a bubble with a needle, a boon as well as a bane. One day feels super hyped with all the emotions jumping at the surface and another day feels to have drained all the power. The creations are a biased definition to fleeting moments in there.

Tell me about your products?

So far, the shop shelf’s rainbow macrame, handmade personalized greeting cards, and gifts, and scrunchies, but all these products were part trial part learning experience for the shop since I just started out. The actual products are sitting in my to-do in phone and are oozing to jump out soon.

What are you doing to promote your shop?

This is where you should believe in the magic of TikTok. The community there is supporting, encouraging and appreciative. That is the platform I use the most for promoting and Pinterest, Etsy ads and some Instagram.

Did you start all this on your own?

Starting the shop was less of the work and more of the optimism and motivation. I have my constants, Amit & Krupa and then was my mother, smiling widely over every clumsy tale I shared with her.

What message would you give to people who are trying to create and thrive in these tough times?

I wish someone would have told me this but if I were to suggest something it’s to live now, like really, not virtually. Get down to that dream, take it and fly high.

Don’t let the sales or success drive you but the sanity of being in that moment; doing what you love; that one thing that makes you feel alive – sleeping at 4 in the morning, a piece of cake and braving the world to realize that dream – a fairy tale come true.

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Ravleen Bali
Ravleen Bali

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