ARDENE launches Menswear


After 40 years of inspiring girls, Ardene is now offering affordable styles for the guys.

MONTREAL, August 21, 2020 — Canadian fashion retailer Ardene has announced the
drop of its very first line of men’s apparel, Ardene MAN. Ardene has been a staple in the
Canadian fashion world for over 40 years, offering a range of stylish and affordable
apparel, footwear, and accessories for girls and young women since its inception the

From new store designs to the brand’s ever-changing digital presence, Ardene has
always had its finger on the pulse of consumer preferences. “Although we have always
been a value-fashion staple for young women, we felt there was a space to fill in the
market when it came to menswear. With our history of making fashion accessible to all,
we felt it was our responsibility to take this next step.” announces Ardene.

The Ardene MAN ethos, “Conscious and confident. Designed with purpose.” reflects what
many male shoppers are after: fashion that is both stylish and functional. The collection
itself offers basics that customers will want in every colour. Pieces have been designed
for casual and everyday looks, and range from classic tees to joggers, denim, hoodies,
and sweaters – all from $14.90 to $44.90.

The new line will provide a truly unique value proposition. “The drop was conceived by
our design team with a lot of care and attention. We’re offering really great value to [the
Ardene man]…” stated Ardene’s Design Director. “We listened to what he wants, and
even though it’s the first time we’re welcoming him into the Ardene world, we’re confident
the design, quality and style will speak for itself.”

Ardene MAN not only combines thoughtful construction with an affordable price tag but
also includes several eco-conscious choices for today’s consumer.

The collection will be available online at and in select stores starting at the
end of August 2020. Customers can also follow Ardene MAN’s new hashtag #ardeneman
on Ardene’s Instagram platform (@ardene).