An unusual long weekend, with the usual advice

Photo by Evan Simons on Unsplash

TORONTO, May 12, 2020 /CNW/ -As Ontarians near the Victoria Day long weekend amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER is encouraging all road-users to continue to exercise good judgement and safe motor vehicle operation.

“While we’ve seen a decrease in impaired driving collisions due to these unprecedented times, we’ve also seen an increase in alcohol and cannabis consumption among Ontarians,” said Pete Wytka, Executive Director of arrive alive DRIVE SOBER. “As eagerness to return to normal builds and COVID guidelines and headlines dominate the news, we hope that drivers will remember to practice some of the basic good behaviour that has made Ontario’s roads among the safest in North America for two decades. This includes always driving sober.”

Now in their 32nd year, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER continues to remind Canadians that impaired driving is both dangerous and illegal. (CNW Group/arrive alive DRIVE SOBER)

While it remains unclear if cottagers will stay home or hit the road during this upcoming long weekend, Anne Leonard, President of Arrive Alive has another message for motorists. “Ontario has among the strictest penalties in North America when it comes to impaired driving. You would lose your driver’s licence (for impaired boating as well) for a year, face monetary fines and insurance increases, have a criminal record, and you may even face jail time. The good news is that impaired driving has been steadily declining for several decades. Very few of us choose to drive impaired; most of us are choosing to do the right thing.”

arrive alive DRIVE SOBER has been operating in Ontario for 32 years. We partner with businesses, government agencies, community groups, and the media to share information and resources about the dangers of impaired driving and prevention strategies. Our messages and resources can be found at the links below.



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