4 Steps to Prepare for Canadian Winters 2022: Sanya Gambhir

Winters in Canada can be harsh as temperatures can fall to -30. Try to stay warm and use Google Maps while traveling.


“Winter Is Coming!”

Many of us have watched the most popular TV show ‘The Game of Thrones’ and have heard the motto of the House of Starks that Winter is Coming. Have you ever felt this motto in person? If not, you are coming to the right country. As improbable as it may seem, you will have a different and unique experience with the winters in Canada.

winter sports in Canada - Skiing

When we as immigrants or international students plan to move to Canada, winters appear so dreamy and beautiful in our home country until we experience them by ourselves. We get excited for the first snowfall, picturesque landscapes, ice skating, and festivals such as Christmas. However, at the same time, winters in Canada can be harsh and full of unforeseen circumstances as temperatures can fall to -30 degrees. The important thing is to be well prepared for the winter season, get familiar with the cold and take precautionary measures to safeguard from the chilly winds and frostbite.

Let us talk about the precautionary measures and how to tackle the Canadian winters like a pro in 2022.

#1. Watch out for weather warnings

Firstly, always check the weather reports through applications and warnings issued by the weather department. Before stepping out of our homes, we should be aware of the temperature outside to plan our travel accordingly as there can be delays in public transport and we might get stuck due to heavy snowfall. Some user-friendly apps for your travel in Canada are Transit, Google Maps, etc.


How to travel by bus in Canada- Google Maps


#2. Keep yourself warm in Canadian Winters

Secondly, we need to have proper winter gear such as winter shoes, jackets, warmers, and mufflers to keep ourselves warm. Some of the best brands to make your purchases are Canada Goose and North Face. Thus, find the warmest clothing by investing in good quality winter gear to protect you from the cold winds, especially during January and February, as this would be the first winter.

#3. Stay Healthy this Winter Season

Moreover, staying physically and mentally healthy is essential during this season as people tend to get cold and flu often. Doctors suggest taking plenty of rest, a healthy and balanced diet, and flu shots to reduce getting ill.

One has to be mentally strong as days get shorter and nights get longer, and all the days will not be easy. Sometimes you will have homesickness and the urge to return home but stay strong as ‘this too shall pass.’

#4. Enjoy the Snowy Winters of Canada

In addition, do not forget to move around and enjoy the snow, winter sports, and activities such as ice skating, skiing, snow tubing, etc. Instead of staying at home and getting winter blues, one should roam around, explore the city and embrace the season’s beauty. As a newbie, you must be scared and excited while trying to settle into a new environment and face the first winter in Canada. However, with proper knowledge and winter gear, you would be able to manage the Canadian winters easily.

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Pro Tip: Do not be the one ordering Iced Capp from Tim Hortons during this season! All the best :))



Author: Sanya Gambhir is an international student currently pursuing Marketing Management from Lambton College, Toronto. She is an extrovert and loves to talk to people. To get in touch, you can contact her on LinkedIn- Sanya Gambhir.


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