Knowquest: Platform for College professors to share information, teaching & research materials

Knowquest logo started as a young professor’s solution to a significant problem: there is no online platform for College professors to share information, teaching materials, research, and help each other. They are pre-beta at the moment and are working on the second generation of their platform which is due to launch in the summer of 2018. The Onside Media spoke with Professor Agostino Menna PhD., founder of KnowQuest, and Rahi Tajzadeh MScM, the CEO recently brought on board to take the company to the next level.

What is

While Universities have enjoyed various online sharing tools and platforms for the sharing of, and discussion about content and research materials, Colleges have not had a similar option. makes it quick and easy for College professors to upload and search for content, as well as to engage with other professors in their field. Anything from course outlines to original research can be uploaded onto the site, as well as links to important articles and documents. The goal is to create an open, organic, and dynamic space for College professors.

For example, if a professor is teaching a new course, and wants to get a head start on planning, she or he can check for existing course-related material of varying types from other professors.

As of right now, Dr. Menna and Mr. Tajzadeh see professors sharing outlines, research papers and conclusions, lecture notes, presentation material, videos, and links to other online resources being shared on KnowQuest. In the future, if the professors demand it, other forms of content can be uploaded as well.

One of the main goals of KnowQuest is to help connect professors who share similar interests, teach similar (or identical) courses, and who want to improve their impact on their students. The main goal of KnowQuest is an improved experience for students by offering their professors the tools to stay up to date and engaged in their field.


At what stage is now?

 The website is still in the testing, or pre-beta, phase and the management is looking for a developer partner who can further enhance the site. Mr. Tajzadeh expects an MVP within 60 days, and a launch sometime in summer.

How many professors / Colleges does KnowQuest plan to target?

All Canadian Colleges will be targeted, but the rollout is in the province of Ontario. Dr. Menna is hoping for 2,400 professors to use the site on a monthly basis by December of 2019. Mr. Tajzadeh stated that there is a minimum threshold of professors using the site on a regular basis before the site is opened up to students and industry.

The long-term goal of KnowQuest is to have students and industry using the site, with access that is limited to their area of focus. Only professors have access to the entire site’s resources/uploads. Ideally, professors and industry representatives would made certain content accessible to their students or industry members. KnowQuest does not currently have a monetization plan for the near future.


Who are the people behind

Dr. Agostino Menna PhD is the founder and majority shareholder. Ilya Makrov, a student from Niagara College, is a cofounder. Rahi Tajzadeh MScM is the recently-appointed Chief Executive Officer and an expert in entrepreneurships, startups, and consulting.


How are you funding your business?

At the moment, the website is self-funded by the partners. However, they are looking at prospective strategic investors in the future.


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