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“Winter Jackets is one basic necessity you cannot live without in Toronto”

The Best Winter Jackets for Women for Keeping Warm When It's Freezing Out | Shape

Whatever you think about winter jackets, there are a few objective facts about them. They keep you warm, they’re fashionable, and they’re ubiquitous. However, the nearly four-figure price tag will make you think twice. If an almost $1,000 winter jacket is out of your price range, don’t fret anymore. I have got you covered! Several brands offer identical jackets and parkas at more affordable prices.


H&M is a trustworthy, low-cost, one-stop-shop for almost all our wardrobe needs, including seasonal outerwear and winter jackets. Hence, if you’re on a budget, H&M is a fantastic place to go when the temperature drops below zero, and you need to defend yourself from the harsh, brutal Canadian winter.

Sport Chek

All sportswear and outerwear equipment can be found at Sport Chek. Columbia, Burton, Under Armour, and more well-known brands are available at the store. Hence you have a large selection of options to choose from.


Another economical option for women’s clothing is Garage. This Montreal-based retailer has several jackets under $150. The Garage is an underappreciated area for coats that will keep you toasty during the autumn months. Furthermore, they even have Sherpa fleece aviator jackets to keep you warm and fashionable.


Dynamite is a fantastic women’s clothing line with something for everyone. You’ll find something you like in everything from fancy ensembles, elegant loungewear, and comfortable outerwear.

Mountain Warehouse

Since 1997, Mountain Warehouse has been creating outdoor clothes and equipment. The company designs and manufactures its products, making everything unique to the brand.

Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay is a timeless store where you can find almost anything. You may not only get a winter jacket for well over a hundred dollars here.  But here you can also find winter jackets that are well within your budget. Trendy puffer jackets and peacoats start at $79.99. And that too from brands like TOPSHOP, Noize, Vero Moda, and Only, to name a few.


Macy’s is a large department store that sells high-end and low-cost items. Now that it has a Canadian website, you can shop all of the products without paying excessive shipping costs.


The Uniqlo Ultra Light Down has long been a Strategist favorite.  It’s lightweight, packable, surprisingly warm, and only slightly more than $50. While this jacket is warm, many people agree that it also works well as a layer.



The Super Puff from Aritzia is well-known. But if you’re looking for something less pricey, the lighter-weight, sweetly titled Little Puff from Aritzia is just under $100. Vintage and secondhand items are sourced from stores across the country by Thrilling, a vintage retailer that opened in 2018.

Black Market

You never know what you’ll find in this extremely cheap Queen West basement. But I guarantee you’ll find a reasonable price on vintage clothing. Almost everything here is under $10, even winter coats.


Costco is an American warehouse club sells some excellent winter clothing. At a fraction of the cost of a conventional athletic goods store you can get anything here. Hence, it’s worth getting a membership card to see if you’re searching for function above fashion.


Canada’s favourite discount retailer brings plenty of winter clothing to the show. Not everything is cheap, but you can get significantly discounted designer coats if you’re lucky and come here frequently enough. As a starting point, look at the top and worst Winners stores in Toronto. Winners and Marshalls are also fantastic places to seek good winter gear; it tends to be of higher quality and isn’t that much more expensive.

Value Village

Winter Jackets Toronto
Winter Jackets Toronto

Many a stylish bargain hunter’s first destinations is a local thrift store. The selection and cost of outerwear vary greatly, but the payback can be tremendous. Although there are other thrift stores in the city, Value Village has a large selection.

Public Butter

With good reason, this Parkdale institution stocks the wardrobes of Toronto’s most savvy vintage style seekers. Moreover it’s big, cool, it’s a lot of fun to shop in. Also it has some of the best vintage clothes in town. Furthermore, before going to the store near Dufferin and Queen, you can browse through various winter coats on Instagram.

Courage My Love

This Kensington Market institution has been around for a long time. And it’s a terrific place to get some significant steals especially for winter jackets. This frugal shop has a little bit of everything. Hence you’re sure to locate the perfect winter coat among the brightly coloured racks here.

Lifestyle Jackets
Lifestyle Jackets


In Kensington Market, this award-winning clothing and furniture store is unique. They sell new, secondhand, and “remade” fashions. Sportier vintage pieces like men’s wool coats can be found for roughly $60, although rarer treasures will cost more.

Flashback 2

This vintage shop, is just like its sister stores Flashback and King of Kensington. It is located on Kensington Market’s second main drag (officially called Kensington Ave). A winter jacket or coat can set you back $50-100. But here I’m talking about full-on real fur coats and Gloverall duffle that will last you for years.


Want a designer look winter jacket without the designer price tag? Then please head to Chinatown. Many of the markets on Spadina between Dundas and Queen sell knock-off Canada Goose puffers. Some are exact replicas of designer items; nonetheless, they don’t anticipate designer quality. But it will definitely give you the satisfaction of wearing a stylish outfit.

Hope all students living in Toronto city finds this interesting and educative.. And lets keep in mind “Winter is Coming”…Very soon.. So lets pack up our Winterwears and be ready!

Where to Shop for Winter Coats in Toronto


Author: Fathima Navas
Author: Fathima Navas



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