Why study English online with a Canadian school?


If you are a professional who dreams of living in a developed country and boosting your career, you have surely considered the possibility of studying and working in Canada. The question is… what level of English do you need to do it?

We want you to understand that everything must start from your goals, which is the best way to start planning your project to study and work in Canada.

To start this plan to live, study and work in Canada, you need a defined level of English that suits your goals.

Suppose your goal is to study a postgraduate program in Canada. In that case, most institutions will require you to have an advanced level of English that you must prove through an international test, such as the TOEFL, Cambridge or IELTS. Generally, the latter is the most requested.

We interviewed Jessica Fernandez, representative of Canaway Academy, a Canadian educational institution, to provide more information on why you should learn English at a Canadian school and how this process will guarantee faster learning to fulfill your dream of studying and working in Canada.

Jessica Fernandez states: “Many professionals dream of living, studying and working in Canada, and when they realize that they do not have the necessary level of English, they get frustrated. However, we want to tell you that if this is your case, it is always possible to learn the language and find the most suitable way for you!”

One of the best ways to start learning and practicing your English while setting a pathway to come to Canada is to attend online classes from your home country and interact with native speakers. Even better if they are Canadian teachers since they will be able to convey the Canadian culture, local expressions, and Canadian context where you will soon get immersed.

At Canaway Academy, they teach English with native certified Canadian teachers who developed the content with quality and outstanding pedagogy. They offer courses for children, youth and adults, and their classes are online in real-time, interactive, and use the latest technologies to keep their students engaged.

Jessica Fernandez states: “Our teachers are “the secret sauce” of Canaway. They are all English native speakers from Canada. We have designed our English programs to help our students improve in all aspects, not only being proficient in the English language but also getting exposure to the Canadian culture and real context situations when they live here, in Canada.”

As you can see, depending on the goal you want to achieve in Canada, you will need a certain level of English.

Complying with this requirement is essential to start paving the way for your study and work project in Canada.

If you want more information about Canaway’s English program, visit its website https://canaway.com/

Author: Maritza Lopez is based in Toronto, Canada and is currently studying a postgraduate program in Marketing Management and Digital Media at Lambton College.


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